Seedlist 2010

Seeds and sets for 2010.


Parsley Plain Leaved 2
Basil Sweet Genovese
Coriander Cilantro
Lemon Coriander
Basil – Lemon
Creeping Thyme
Orange Thyme
Sage English Broad Leaved
Garlic Chives
Basil Neopolitana
Basil Siam Queen
Common Thyme
Parsley Moss Curled 2
Parsley Laura
Cutting Celery
Common Thyme

Sprouting Seeds

Mustard White
Green Lentils
Red Clover
Brown Lentils


Cabbage – Kalibos
Cauliflower – Snowball
Cauliflower – Purple Cape
Cauliflower – Violet Queen
Kohl Rabi – Azur Star
Calabrese – Green Sprouting
Cabbage – January King
Cabbage – Cuor Di Bue
Kale – Ragged Jack
Brussels Sprouts – Red Bull
Kohl Rabi – Blusta
Kale – Hungry Gap
Broccoli – Purple Sprouting
Kale – Nero di Toscana
Cauliflower – F1 Trevi
Cabbage – Greyhound


Carrot – Berlicum
Carrot – Nantes 2
Beetroot – Boltardy
Carrot – Amsterdam Forcing 3
Carrot – Purple Dragon
Carrot – Atomic Red
Beetroot – Detroit 2
Carrot – Yellowstone
Radish – Jolly
Beetroot – Chioggia Pink
Carrot – Autumn King
Carrot – Chantenay Red Cored
Beetroot – Bulls Blood

Onions & leeks

Leek – Varna
Onion – Paris Silverskin
Onion – Gold Coin
Onion – Red Piatta
Leek – Blauwgrone Herfst Ardea
Leek – Blue Green Neptune
Shallot – Banana
Onion – Rossa di Toscana
Tonda Musona
Onion – Purplette
Onion – Strigonovsky
Onion – Cipollini Yellow
Onion – Up to Date
Onion – Red Baron
Leek – Lyon 2 Prizetaker
Shallot – Yellow Moon
Shallot – Onion White
Shallot – Mr Stiff’s
Shallot – Minogue
Onion – Batun
Onion – Rossa Savonese
Garlic – Thermidrome

Leafy & salad things

Chicory Grumolo Verde
Spinach – Oriento F1 Hybrid
Lettuce – Red Salad Bowl
Red Giant Mustard
Spinach – Renegade
Lettuce – Webbs Wonderful
Chard – White Silver 2
Lettuce – Arctic King
Rocket – Wild Grazia
Lettuce – Salad Bowl
Mustard – Osaka Purple
Chicory Variegata di Castelfranco
Lettuce – Bronze Arrow


Chilli – Numex Garnet
Chilli – Tunesian Baklouti
Chilli – Scotch Bonnet Red
Chilli – Pyramid
Bell Pepper – Sheepnose
Pepper – Nardello


Cyril’s Choice
Bijskij zeltyi
Broad Ripple Yellow Currant
Auntie Madge’s
König Humbert


Pumpkin -Rouge vif d’Etampes
Squash – Sprinter
Courgettes – All green bush
Courgettes – Striato d’Italia
Summer Squash – Early Golden
Squash – Zapallito


Celery – Solid Pink
Celery – Giant Red
Aubergine – Farmers Long
Artichoke – Romanesco
Artichoke – Green Globe Improved
Aubergine – Thai Long Purple
Seakale – Lilywhite
Okra – Clemson’s Spineless
Celeriac – Giant Prague
Japanese Burdock

Peas & Beans

Broad beans – Karmazyn
Broad beans – Super Aquadulce
Broad Beans – Red Epicure
Broad Beans – Aquadulce Claudia
Pea – Douce Provence
Broad Beans – Aguadulce
Broad Beans – The Sutton
Soya Beans – Elena
Peas – Prince of Prussia
French Beans – Royal Red
French Beans – Early Warwick
French Beans – Horsehead
Pea – Feltham First
Broad Beans – Martock
Peas – Progress No. 9
Peas – Salmon Flowered
Peas – Stephens’
Climbing French Beans – Selma Zebra
Broad Beans – Witkiem Manita
Broad Beans – Bunyards Exhibition
Climbing French Beans – Carter’s Polish
Broad Bean – Estonian
Climbing French Bean – Czechoslovakian
Pea – Gladstone


Sunflower – Russian Mammoth
Sunflower – Giant Yellow
Love in a Mist
Sunflower – Giant Single
Geranium Special Multiflora Mixed
Marigold – French Instant Mixed
Cosmos – Sea Shells Mixed
Tagetes Lucida
African Marigold Crackerjack Mix
Cleome Colour Fountains
Sweet Pea – Night & Day

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