Harvests, ….

Harvesting continues – more yummy potatoes, though haven’t been recording what has been dug up, variety-wise (lost the potato planting map).

Harvesting also, Progress No. 9 peas – plants starting to yellow and have missed a few pods that have gone mature. I did a “weed” and “pea” – eat peas from the pod and weed that many weeds before popping another pea pod… Well, that’s the excuse I’ve used! Why shouldn’t I eat peas fresh from the plant!!?

Also we’ve been eating (self-sown) spinach, radish, garlic, strawberries, raspberries, tayberries, currants…..

Sowed some carrots. I saw a friend on Saturday and we got talking – carrots haven’t done too good this year, although we’ve had relatively decent germination, they aren’t very big. We’ve done worse with beetroot this year (I don’t think I’ll be doing any Borscht with the fermented beetroot juice stuff) with very little beetroot germinating.
Back in the garden, I think some of the red currants are ripe… However, some of the currants are missing from the stalks – we have young blackbirds sheltering in these bushes watching me put the washing out or picking some fruit… I’ve seen blackbirds fly off with alpine strawberries, or raspberries in their beaks.

Speaking of young blackbirdies, one was caught in the net over the strawberries on the allotment. I freed its feet but couldn’t get the net off from round its neck. No scissors in the shed, but luck had it that there were builders putting in a new entrance to the allotments who had experience with freeing comorants from fishing nets, and they came to the little birdie’s rescue. Will have to get finer mesh netting for next year. Still, the birdies have access to raspberries, currants….



We had our own lettuce and own potatoes yesterday. OH pulled up one potato plant – probably Sarpo Una – 440g of new spuds.
In the front garden is a hebe. Yesterday, it was almost covered in bees and flutterbies. I counted at one time, at least a dozen bees – mainly bumblebees.


Just a quick note – Glaskin’s Perpetual rhubarb which was sown last year in pots, one plant has started to come up again – there is a cute little pink stem and small curled wrinkled leaf.


Why isn’t the first seed catalogue to arrive not exciting me? It came early last week and although I have looked through it, I’m not excited like I usually am at this time of year when the seed catalogues come out.

Pumpkin, 11kg harvested made itself into jam, conserve, chutney, quiche, soup and ground coarsely to make a flour.


My mother picked some of the Orange Banana tomatoes. She likes the taste of them, full of flavour. My tomatoes aren’t as ripe, though we have picked and eaten only a few Broad Ripple Yellow Currant tomatoes. The others have not ripened yet. 

What has ripened, though, were the Cascabella chillis. OH says they are hot

We’ve harvested all of the potatoes now down on the allotment. Pink Fir Apple potatoes were fabulous, coming in all weird shapes! Some of the others are good, but a number had slug/other hole damage plus pronged with the fork. OH has processed the damaged ones into rostis with onions and they are now frozen. Freezer now full. 

The onions and shallots have been pulled, though there are still some spring onions down the plot. The spring onions I have found to be hotter than some of the onions. 

We’ve had a couple of yummy cabbages, Primo Golden Acre and Kalibos. A Romanesco was also harvested.

I made some jam last week – we picked the red and white currants, plus there were a handful of blackcurrants and TWO blackberries. 

Beetroot has been superb, though we don’t like boiled/pickled beetroot. I made a nice Borscht starting with grated raw beetroot and apples….  I’ve seen a nice book on Polish cookery which mentions fermented beetroot juice and using that to make a borscht. 

Carrots have been good, apart from a few with holes from the carrot fly larvae.

Pumpkins ramapaging across the plot with quite a few big ‘uns. There are a couple of big marrows left too.

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