Garden update

While sorting through seeds, I came across some HSL ones – I sowed some of these in the garden (Mr Bound’s Pea Bean, Pea – Robinson), plus some soya beans. I also found 4 lonely Boltardy beetroot seeds left in the packet so son helped me sow these in the garden.

The cherry tree has lots of nasty-looking blackfly, so I made up a mixture of insecticidal soap and a drop of SM3 seaweed and gave the blackfly a shower/bath.

There are a few cherries on the tree. Some of the currants are starting to ripen. Not long now before I’ll be making jams and things….

Got stung by stinging nettles so chopped these down and added to bucket with some comfrey. There is some glop from earlier so planning to give things a feed over the weekend.

I opened the compost bin and found an ants’ nest. I will leave it for a couple of days and then may deal with them with boiling water….



We had our own lettuce and own potatoes yesterday. OH pulled up one potato plant – probably Sarpo Una – 440g of new spuds.
In the front garden is a hebe. Yesterday, it was almost covered in bees and flutterbies. I counted at one time, at least a dozen bees – mainly bumblebees.

Potatoes looking good

On the previous trip to the allotment, I forgot to take pictures of the potatoes. They are looking good, better than last year.


The herb patch also looks good and there were loads of bees visiting the chives in flower.  There were 2 red-tailed bumblebees (Bombus lapidarius) visiting one flower, but I was unable to capture that moment.  This is the best picture I could manage.


May Update

The allotments are coming on nicely. Nearly all the beds/area have been planted or sown (though not all the seeds have germinated, yet!)
P1120850I think this is probably the first time that the plots have been this far along with things sown/growing. The peas are in flower, as are the broad beans. However, for next year, I do want to try again with autumn sowings as we’ve been successful (had harvest) with previous overwintered sowings. I don’t know why the seeds sown last October/November didn’t come up (neither the peas or the broad beans germinated). 

Yesterday, some dwarf french beans (Jersey) were planted out. Another bed on the plot had been direct sown with the same variety. Also planted out were some mixed climbing French beans, some Runner Beans and some miscellaneous sweetcorn. I hope with all  the rain we had last night, that the slugs and snails didn’t have a party and feast on them.
The overwintered garlic does look good. Not enough garlic planted! We like our garlic! 

P1120839However, not all the onion things are doing well – mainly the onions sown and transplanted. The shallots look reasonable though one variety doesn’t look as good as it could be. Onions from sets look ok. 

I planted out most of the leek seedlings – Swiss Giant Zermatt & Autumn Mammoth 2 – Snowstar. 

Early sowings of brassicas at home have been mollusced, but have sown replacements (a couple of them were eaten too).  

Gooseberry problems

Yesterday, I put the washing outside on the line and noticed that some of the tips of the gooseberry bushes were a bit white. So, I got the secateurs out and pruned this out (as well as another plant nearby). I brought the clippings into the house so I could spy on them with my USB Digital Microscope and took some photos.

mildew1Is this American Gooseberry Mildew? Not many shoots were affected and these have been removed. I’m not the world’s greatest pruner but the 3 gooseberry bushes all had been pruned last year (for the first time!). 


Perhaps I need to be more brutal and prune harder (or more). Overcrowding (poor air circulation & increased humity) encourages this mildew.

sawfly2Another problem was spotted – the Gooseberry Sawfly larva. I think I spotted them later last year. Only saw a couple of the larvae – now squished. Last year, I noticed them when I spotted the “poo” on the lower leaves. This time, it was just sheer luck I spotted a partially eaten leaf.
sawfly1On the other plant I pruned, I spotted some caterpillars.

caterpillyAnd while it was crawling on my desk… it left something behind….



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