Garden update

While sorting through seeds, I came across some HSL ones – I sowed some of these in the garden (Mr Bound’s Pea Bean, Pea – Robinson), plus some soya beans. I also found 4 lonely Boltardy beetroot seeds left in the packet so son helped me sow these in the garden.

The cherry tree has lots of nasty-looking blackfly, so I made up a mixture of insecticidal soap and a drop of SM3 seaweed and gave the blackfly a shower/bath.

There are a few cherries on the tree. Some of the currants are starting to ripen. Not long now before I’ll be making jams and things….

Got stung by stinging nettles so chopped these down and added to bucket with some comfrey. There is some glop from earlier so planning to give things a feed over the weekend.

I opened the compost bin and found an ants’ nest. I will leave it for a couple of days and then may deal with them with boiling water….


my baby blackbirdie ate a slug

I was out in the garden this afternoon picking redcurrants. It is jam/jelly time again. Anyway, I looked over towards the gooseberries and there was a young blackbirdie was eating a slug. Earlier, she and/or one of her siblings ate a few redcurrants, cheeky things but it is a small price to pay for slug predation.

Sawfly, slugs, shoots, summer

Yesterday, I spotted sawfly larvae on the gooseberry bushes. Not many to start with – just 3, but I saw them because I noticed their “droppings” on the gooseberry leaves beneath. However, more woes for the gooseberry include greenfly but I have seen 2 two-spotted ladybirds “at it” on one of the branches, so hopefully, will have an army of greenfly-eaters soon. As well as the usual two-spotted, I have seen variants of the 10-spotted also in the garden.

Down the allotment, I’ve noticed pods on the overwintered broad beans.
Its a young broad bean

Then, there are shoots coming up, but are they weeds or:
jerusalem artichoke
Jerusalem Artichoke?
Chinese Artichokes?

Then of course, there is the perennial problem of molluscs. OH, on Thursday, decided to open up several drinking establishments for them. There have also been a few woodlouse gatecrashers to the party by Saturday. Gardenwise, have been out a couple of times hunting. This time, armed with a brick for smashing snails (why would I want to smash pumpkins!), and with OH equipped with a fork from a fondue set. Carnage! Right, I’m off outside to clear it up, and to restock the slugbars in the garden.
pub - not Slug & Lettuce


I am declaring war

I go away for a short break for the Spalding Flower Parade, and return to find my chervil have all been munched plus 2 dill plants too. Molluscs have also had a go at my currant seedlings, and leeks. Guess who’ll be armed with a sharp implement tonight? Will refill traps with beer and perhaps try Horlicks traps too.

Aphids are happy in this weather. They are on the hazelnut leaves and gooseberries. Squished a few. No sign of ladybirds though.

Take your eye off the ball…

… and the slugs/snails eat your seedlings. Have lost some lettuce and chervil planted out in the garden, even though there are slug traps with beer in. I should put some more traps out, and go hunting more often.

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