I have been making labels out of drinks cans. The labels are written backwards and come out embossed. So many plastic labels I have written on with supposed permanent marker have faded and become unreadable, even pencilled labels fade. These labels should last a few years (though we might not be growing the same varieties by then!). I used to emboss with a biro, but have since bought a tool from a craft shop for this purpose (I think the writing is better). Writing backwards has got a bit easier over time, but I still have to concentrate when writing S & Z.



Why isn’t the first seed catalogue to arrive not exciting me? It came early last week and although I have looked through it, I’m not excited like I usually am at this time of year when the seed catalogues come out.

Pumpkin, 11kg harvested made itself into jam, conserve, chutney, quiche, soup and ground coarsely to make a flour.

Radish clarinet and Carrot recorder

I woke up this morning to the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4. The one item they had on that grabbed my attention was the interview with two people for the Street Vibe Festival of Sound. As well as water filled gourds, music (!) came from a radish, and a recorder-like sound from a hollowed out carrot. The interview is available online (I don’t know for how long), but it was found at tonight.

Reading again

I’m still reading Carrots Love Tomatoes. I use the transparent sticky tag things to mark interesting places in the book. I have found one on “Celery dinant or French celery dinant is a unique type that sends out a multitude of narrow thin stalks. … it has a much fuller flavor than common celery…” Sounds interesting. Two tags on one page next – heavy water – “Snow contains forty percent less heavy water or deuterium oxide than normal water.” D2O apparently slows down some chemical and biological processes of growing plants. The other tag is about another weather phenomena – lightning. With each strike, increases the amount of nitrogen available in the soil. The book suggests tying tomato plants to metal poles to attract static electricity, with nylon strips (a use for those laddered stockings/tights..).

Planning – we’d like to put a pond on the second allotment. No idea if we are going for a preformed thingy or whether we’ll go for the butyl (or whatever it is called) liner. I’d like fish in the pond. My dad had built a pond and we had a few fish – shubunkins, fantails, comets, goldfish, as well as frogs and/or toads – though they disappeared when they saw me (I think I threatened to kiss them – perhaps they didn’t want to be my prince!), also there were newts. The pond was refreshed a couple of times a week (some water removed and clean (though I think the tap water stood for a day or two) water), and we didn’t have a pump/filter. Occasionally, we’d scrape the algae off the liner. There were plenty of other creatures, including snails, in there. The fish were happy and made baby fish.

Cleaning windows!

Yesterday, I cleaned the windows so I can see out better at the lovely birdies that come visiting. Photos taken through the windows now should be a bit better! I came across a link for an RSPB webcam in one of the messageboards. There, you can look out for the cheeky red squirrels that lift the flap on the nutbox and help themselves, or share the mesh peanut feeder with coal tits.

I changed the presentation layout yesterday. I added my own picture which was taken at Shrewsbury 2004 flower show. I haven’t been to a show for ages, last one was Southport in 2005. I hope to attend at least one show this year – Southport is handy for OH to take small person out for the day, what with the rollercoasters – aww, just did a Google search and found that the theme park in Blackpool were the owners of the Southport park closing it in 2006 and an old rollercoaster has been demolished – Cyclone (1937-2006). The new owners re-opened the theme park in 2007.

Its a nice day out there, so better get tidying up the strawberry plants (did some dead leaf removal yesterday), broken pots, and perhaps even get round to washing pots later…

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