I put out the seed potatoes that we bought from the Potato Day in Mold, in egg trays. However, I forgot to label them! So, I have no idea (other than 2nd early) what they are!! [edit 13th March – the Mold potatoes are all accounted for – the number of nameless potatoes in the egg trays is 10 – perhaps the 10 Catriona on my potato list]

I have been having a brief look at a new messageboard/forum on the web. It is small at present but looks friendly, though I have not yet registered (will probably do so later). I haven’t been spending much time on messageboards recently. Anyway, if you’d like to take a look, the link is:



Quick note while I take a break from revising for exam on Monday.

Have ordered seeds, mainly chillis from Simpson’s Seeds (caught in postal strike, taking 11 days to arrive from ordering), other seeds from Real Seeds (arrived before postal strike ordered same day as Simpsons, 4 days to arrive), and finally, 2 days ago, ordered seeds from the Organic Gardening Catalogue. Only catalogue now am eager to receive is the Heritage Seed Library catalogue, due early December? Should have some spare seeds for swapping purposes at Potato Day 2008 at Ryton (hope I remember to take them, or I’d have to part with some money for donations).

I intend to be more organised next year. Although this year, the early season went well, by May/June with the chocolate spot and blackfly, etc which disheartened me, I didn’t stay organised. A few things were sown without labels even though labels had been prepared. This month, have already written labels but now have enclosed them in the corresponding seed packets. I have been cutting up aluminium drinks cans to use as labels and mastering the art of writing backwards.

Things are afoot with the Garden Organic messageboards – a new login system (details found in their Announcement forum). Current discussions involve slugs/snails, caterpillars, horsetail (there was a study reported in the Autumn edition of The Organic Way), Skirret, plot planning, as well as book reviews …..

When the exam is finished, will have to catch up with Selfsufficientish and A4A.

A4A was down – now is back

The excellent gardening/allotment messageboard – Allotments 4 All is unfortunately down. Dan is working very hard with the server people to get it back up and working. It went down yesterday sometime, but now they have it working again.

I’ve been rediscovering old messageboards. The Kitchen Garden Magazine had an awful format of messageboard, but on my visit there earlier in the week, I was pleasantly surprised with it. I think it was the style of messageboard they had running that I didn’t like. I also don’t like yahoo messageboards again for reasons of format.

Still, I am glad that A4A is back up and running again. I hope the email I submitted for the March Photo competition is not lost. Thankyou for those that voted for my stork for February. I know that there were a few problems with people voting though.

Wet and windy

Thursday was a wet and windy day. I had to go out and I got drenched.

 Good news though, Admin is back and hopefully A4A will be back to normal soon. I was getting withdrawal symptoms (or was I looking to be distracted from an Open University assignment?).