Harvesting cont’d. and planting

While out an about today, we popped into a farm shop that grows its own. They had 300g of asparagus on sale for £3.29, rhubarb £1.99/kg and pathetic purple sprouting broccoli at £2.20/kg. We harvested about 300g asparagus, 700g rhubarb and about a pound of psb (the latter not weighed).

My chervil has gone to flower, so I thought I’d chop it and freeze it in ice-cube trays. Started more chervil today, and my son wanted chives (he sowed them). Also started more basil – lettuce leaved. Potted on sweet and chilli peppers, aubergines and parsley.

Yesterday down the plot, planted out the last lot of potatoes – 6 each of the sarpos Mira and Axona, 3 Golden Wonder, 3 Puritan and 3 Ulster Sceptre (oops, a first early but should still be ok).

Planted out brassicas yesterday – grr, I hate those cabbage root fly collars as I tried to be gentle as possible and the one stem broke trying to negotiate the slit in the collar. Each brassica had 4 seeds sown but not all germinated/survived slugs. In total, 2 Kalibos cabbage, 1 Waltham calabrese, 1 Decathlon calabrese, 4 Seven Hills brussels, 1 Cuor Di Bue cabbage, 2 Marner Storing Red cabbage, 2 Corvet calabrese and 2 Darkmar brussels were planted out.

With the rain today, have spent 10 mins outside in the garden – 44 slugs/snails dealt with. Going out later for a hunting session.


Happy peas and sad brassicas

Peas are ready down the plot. However, the brassicas I was leaving to plant out this week (brussels, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli) have either died in their rootrainers or gone blind. Still, more room down the plot for the summer sowing chinese vegetables and salads, and more room for more sowings of peas and beans which are doing nicely. Root veg also dismal.

Why do I bother growing lettuce when hubby bought some from the supermarket last night. My lettuce have harvestable leaves at present. Also, the herbs we have growing – basils, mints, etc, don’t seem to get used – he buys them from the supermarket as well. Maybe I should just give up and grow flowers, things that can’t be consumed or vegetables that the supermarkets don’t stock.

Things have sprouted

I have a baby geranium that has just formed a proper leaf thing (albeit rather small). I had sown 3 Picasso geraniums (one of the world’s best from T&M) and only 1 seems to be viable. The other 2 sort of germinated but didn’t seem to form a root or stem.

A lot of tomatoes have germinated, but not all the varieties have made a show. I have some onions and leeks as well showing. They are a tad lanky, but I have put some foil up behind.

Herbs, I have parsley (remember there was something on GQT about them being hard to germinate) that has come up, as well as coriander and one type of basil.

Flowers, I have lobelia as well, two types. The seedlings look tiny.

Haven’t started anything outside (or even in the greenhouse) yet. Have been meaning to start some peas off in guttering, having timetabled the task for nearly a fortnight back. I was trying to be organised with a list of tasks in Microsoft Outlook of when to sow what. Oh well, maybe I will be able to get back on track.