Spring, or do I mean summer?

Winter disappeared pretty quickly (no snow for us, although we did have a cold spell), but perhaps Summer has barged in knocking Spring out of the way.

We had a daffodil in flower for St. David’s Day, yay! and the daffs look great.

We now have a proper greenhouse up. Seeds have only just been sown in there, including aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, some lettuce, and herbs. Still awaiting some seeds on order (only ordered last week after the greenhouse was glazed…) – more aubergines, peppers….

Down the plot, carrots, cabbages, calabrese have been sown. All the seed potatoes have been planted, as have the garlic and onion sets (apart from the ones I bought today, more on that later). The broad beans and peas are coming up too, from an earlier sowing. We still have overwintered produce – leeks, cabbages, purple sprouting broccoli, to harvest, yay!

Today, I went to a seed and craft fair. It was a beautiful day in the historic town of Conwy. There was a small seed company (from Lancashire) with a stall. They were selling seed potatoes, onion sets, shallots, plants, and seeds. I bought a few packets of seeds, willing to give them another go. I haven’t really had all that much success with their seeds (Spinach Renegade, Winter Squash- Butternut Ponca, Basils – no germination, whereas other companies’ basils will germinate but often not got further than the first couple of leaves)., but have gone for different vegetables this time (their last chance). Seeds bought to try are Coriander Chechnya, Pepper Marconi Yellow, Basella Ceylon/Indian Spinach, Salsify, Soy Bean Envy, and Okra Clemson’s Spineless. Also bought Stuttgart Giant onion sets (the white ones – Ebenezer?, I bought from them last year were not spectacular).

However, I hope they will fare better than the advice I overheard them giving. “Only their Witkiem broad beans could be sown now” but they also had The Sutton and Bunyards Exhibition for sale too. On my seasonal seed plan pages (not recently updated with more recent acquisitions), The Sutton can be sown November, December, January, February, March, April, May, and June. Whereas Bunyards Exhibition can be sown February, March and April. And other ones sowable from March to May. Maybe I should stick with the Organic Gardening Catalogue, Simpson’s Seeds, and the big names available in garden centres to top up with.

Off to the greenhouse to sow more seeds…


Come on tomatoes, ripen

There are tomatoes in the greenhouse, but only a very small few have turned colour. Perhaps they wanted a better summer (well, “a summer”)…. Maybe I should venture inside the greenhouse but there are spiders and their webs blocking the way in… I don’t like breaking webs – the spiders have gone to so much trouble to spin their pretty webs….


– Ventured forth. Found a few ripe tomatoes so I picked them. Some had been eaten by those pesky slugs. By one of the pots, I found 2 huge slugs having a bit of rumpy-pumpy. Needless to say, they are no longer in the greenhouse… Noticed also some Boytritis. I think there is a leak in the greenhouse roof. Still lots of green tomatoes.

Turning orange….

Just noticed a tomato turning colour: it is orange – the first of the season! Only one tomato though, others still as green as ever.

Elsewhere, slugs/snails have finally killed off all my heritage dwarf french beans. Grr. I won’t use slug pellets. I will resort to beer, though it is a bit late for this season. Also thinking about Nemaslug, though this would affect only young slugs – no good on snails and the big slugs.

Rain, pears and tomatillos

Its raining again. I should buy myself some waterproofs some day so I can go to the allotment without getting wet.
There have been a couple of dry days. I ventured into the greenhouse. The geraniums look good as do the tomatoes, although they are still green (this time last year, was harvesting red tomatoes). There is at least one slug/snail in there as the tomatillo leaves have been snacked on. The yellow flowers are pretty.
On the drying front, watermelon and honeydew melon are being dried. The extra trays came earlier in the week. Yesterday, dried some pears which were halved but with the peel left on (peeling is optional). They look erm a bit erm strange…

Greenhouse and Windowsill update

Windowsill is filling up again with various peppers (hot/sweet) and aubergines, plus lemon grass having been potted on. Already spotted a few pepper flowers open and have been at them with a small paintbrush. There are a few green aphids on some of the plants, but I have a butterwort (from Morrisons so probably incorrectly labelled as Pinguicula weser) that I have been “feeding” the aphids to.
In the greenhouse, the tomatoes are coming along nicely. Spotted a few more fruit set, but when will the first tomato be ripe?
I probably have far too many tomatoes. My mistake was fearing for the worst and sowing replacements of one variety, but the first sowing had actually germinated and done well. Oops. Still, managed to take a few across to my mum’s to look after. All the tomatoes are “heritage” ones. The one variety has very droopy curled leaves.

There are tomatillo plants as well. First time growing those. Also currently living in the greenhouse (well! its an extension from the shed with corrugated roof and “upper” sides) are some heritage kale destined for the garden.

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