Wow! Taste explosion

We’ve dried kiwi fruit, melon, raspberries and pineapple plus more apples and bananas. We’ve tasted them to see if they were dry – the taste doesn’t hit you until you’ve chewed for a few moments, and when it does – WOW! Some of the fruit was sticking to the trays during the drying process, so a turn now and again.

Went down to the allotment a couple of days ago so we could dig some more potatoes, and spray the rest with Bordeaux. Also gave the potatoes a foliar feed. My area has had a few Smith Periods which means that the conditions have been ideal for blight.

Yesterday, went to the local agricultural show. They had a produce show – not many jams. I could have entered the 2 redcurrant jams I did. As for allotment produce – there was no competition! One entry each of rhubarb, fruit medley, 2 tatty cos lettuce and 3 potatoes. Disappointing, though we could have entered and swept the floor – our lettuce and potatoes looking good plus I could have pulled a few shallots, turnips…. but then I think, they’d have been stuck in that tent for ages in the heat (well, it was the perfect summer’s day) and we wouldn’t have been able to use them food-wise at their best.


Blight, Jam, and weeds

Its here, the dreaded blight. Just noticed it yesterday on the second earlies. Will get round this week to spraying with Bordeaux Mixture (the plants on the plot are due a foliar feed too).
Blight isn’t the only worry to contend with. Weeds – our neighbouring plot is overgrown. The tenants haven’t been down this year – they haven’t harvested the winter brassicas. They left perfect strawberries (no slugs/snails/woodlice or bird damage) to just rot. They weren’t very enthusiastic last year. They have left the weeds to take over. I’ve rung the council up (we don’t have an association for our 7 plot site, though another site in the town has 7 plots plus have formed an association), and they are chasing up to see if they have paid for the current year.
Last week,  harvested some redcurrants. I put them in the fridge meaning to get round to making jam and a fruit pie later that day. 2 days later, I finally get round to sorting them. There were 2 small spiders in the box! Anyway, the pie flan thing I made was delicious and have a small jar of jam. I tried my best to lick the pan clean…

Blackleg again

Another potato plant has succumbed to blackleg. On harvesting, there were only a few useable potatoes.
Harvested over 3lb of broad beans, when shelled only weigh 10oz. These were from those only slightly affected with chocolate spot. The broadies below haven’t yet set pod, but I’ll give them a chance.
Harvested peas too. Tasty, and some made it to the freezer. I can devour peas in a trice.
Spotted a tayberry ripening.
Found some spots on the leaves of kohl rabi. Any ideas?
On the whole, the allotment looks good. The blue sheet covers the sand pit, but contains water so the birdies can have a bath/drink. The one blackbird scared off a sparrow as it wanted to bathe alone.