End of season summary – brassicas


Had mixed success with brassicas this year. Many seedlings succumbed to clubroot, noticed when we were transplanting. Caterpillars were vigilantly removed, and occasionally fed to the goldfish (new acquisition this year for the pond installed last year), cabbage butterfly eggs squished (I wonder how many would be needed to make an omelette!) but some leaves still had holes made in them, by slugs. It has been a wet year so the slugs and snails have been happy.

There were a couple of heads of calabrese, and a pointy cabbage. All yummy. Yesterday, we harvested some green sprouts, although those that are left may not last until Christmas. Not to worry, we have sprouts, and they are not the easiest brassica to grow to harvest.

The savoy type cabbages are doing well (not sure which savoys…) as are the red cabbages. Lost some though.

Summer/autumn caulis didn’t really produce a good head. One was about the diameter of a tennis ball but had also been eaten by those pesky molluscs. Not sure if we have any for winter/spring, but there are some pointy-leaved brassicas still on the plot.

There is a purple sprouting broccoli sprouting purple already. Ah, Rudolph is an early one and should be cropping now.

Turnips have been good, although not enough! Should have sown more…