The weather

It has been cold, but we haven’t had the snow that fell in other parts of the UK. We were on the allotment briefly last Wednesday (1st) and there was ice on the pond. We cracked the ice and removed it from around the edges. Some of the plants were stuck to the ice, or growing through the ice.

We went back to the plot on Friday (3rd) and new ice had formed on the pond. The piece below wasn’t the thickest bit of ice, which was 4cm thick.

The plot is looking good. We popped down on Sunday (5th) and the pond ice had almost all melted away. We had a lot of rain over the weekend. Even a lot of snow on the hills/mountains of Snowdonia has melted.

We harvested some parsnips (the ground had also thawed since last week), and a lovely savoy-type cabbage. The brassicas has been good this season. The leeks still look good too with only a few bolting. I’ll leave those to flower.