Potato Day 2012 – Ryton Gardens

Another year begins for me with Potato Day. It was a lovely day, not as cold as I thought it could be. It was not as busy as previous years, but were lucky to get a spot in the main car park.

We made a bee-line for the potato marquee, in a different place from previous years. We went round selecting many different potatoes, coming with strong shopping bags to carry these heavy things. 20p a tuber, and we came out with 94! We should have enough space for them all down the allotment! List of varieties can be found on a separate page.

I also took some seeds in to swap. In hindsight, I now know the names of a couple of the saved seeds grown from HSL seed are – Coco Bicolor and Czechoslovakian. I’ll have to remember to take photos of the bean seeds for easier identification in the future! I also picked up the HSL seed order (saves on postage and packaging) and got all first choices.  The HSL seeds I picked up from the order or swapped for are :

Tomatoes:- Yellow Russian, Veepro Paste, Orange Heart, Wild Tomato Columbianum, Queen of Hearts

Climbing French Beans:- Turkey Craw, Kew Blue

Dwarf French Beans:- Yugoslav II

Pea:- Purple Flowered Russian

Turnip:- Kaskinuris

Carrot:- Manchester Table, Scarlet Horn

Squash:- Maltese Marrow

Multiplier Onions:- I can’t read my writing for the variety

Also bought some garlic (Pink, Elephant, Picardy Wight, Solent Wight), onion sets (Rumba, wanted to get Red Karmen but they had almost all gone),  broad beans (Witkiem -went a bit overboard, over 200 seeds, oops!), peas (Rondo), Phacelia, and a purple cauliflower from Franchi.

There is a seedlist in a separate page. We haven’t ordered any seeds for this season yet, other than chillis (a present for my mother!) but these aren’t on the list.