Ryton’s Potato Day

Just returned from Garden Organic’s Ryton Gardens where they held members’ Potato Day for 2010. Bought 100 seed potatoes (well, we were going to get 98 but my son wanted to make it a nice number so he chose a further 2 seed potatoes). Also took some seeds for the seed swap.

Today’s haul:

First Earlies – Accent, Foremost, Rubis, Sharpes Express, Ulster Sceptre, Winston

Second Earlies – Bintje, British Queen, Catriona, Edzell Blue, Kestrel, Yukon Gold

Maincrop – Dunbar Rover, Mayan Gold, Picasso, Rudolph

Late Maincrop – Arran Victory, Blue Danube, Fortyfold

Peas – Feltham First, Progress, Stephens’, Salmon Flowered

Broad Beans – Bunyards Exhibition, Witkiem Manita

Climbing French Beans – Selma Zelma

Shallots – Minogue, Mr. Stiff’s, Onion White, Yellow Moon

Onion – Batun, Rossa Savonese, and Red Baron (sets)

Garlic – Thermidrome

Lettuce – Bronze Arrow

Squash – Zapallito

Beetroot – Bull’s Blood


I also met some people from Allotments 4 All community, which was nice.

Earlier this week, I was able to visit the allotment. I wanted to take a few pictures at the start of the year! Unfortunately, most of the leeks that weren’t already harvested were soft (frozen and then defrosted?) – perhaps they were an early or autumn variety.
Better news, I harvested the central head of purple sprouting broccoli, and a small romanesco cauliflower, plus a few leeks that survived the freeze.
Autumn planted onions, shallots and garlic have sprouted.

Weather here has been cold, and snow settled for a couple of weeks. Then, it thawed. Now, there has been a small sprinkling. I am looking forward to spring! Though perhaps the cold weather will kill off a number of pests & diseases.


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