Harvests, ….

Harvesting continues – more yummy potatoes, though haven’t been recording what has been dug up, variety-wise (lost the potato planting map).

Harvesting also, Progress No. 9 peas – plants starting to yellow and have missed a few pods that have gone mature. I did a “weed” and “pea” – eat peas from the pod and weed that many weeds before popping another pea pod… Well, that’s the excuse I’ve used! Why shouldn’t I eat peas fresh from the plant!!?

Also we’ve been eating (self-sown) spinach, radish, garlic, strawberries, raspberries, tayberries, currants…..

Sowed some carrots. I saw a friend on Saturday and we got talking – carrots haven’t done too good this year, although we’ve had relatively decent germination, they aren’t very big. We’ve done worse with beetroot this year (I don’t think I’ll be doing any Borscht with the fermented beetroot juice stuff) with very little beetroot germinating.
Back in the garden, I think some of the red currants are ripe… However, some of the currants are missing from the stalks – we have young blackbirds sheltering in these bushes watching me put the washing out or picking some fruit… I’ve seen blackbirds fly off with alpine strawberries, or raspberries in their beaks.

Speaking of young blackbirdies, one was caught in the net over the strawberries on the allotment. I freed its feet but couldn’t get the net off from round its neck. No scissors in the shed, but luck had it that there were builders putting in a new entrance to the allotments who had experience with freeing comorants from fishing nets, and they came to the little birdie’s rescue. Will have to get finer mesh netting for next year. Still, the birdies have access to raspberries, currants….


Replacement brassicas sown

Slugs and snails destroyed most of my brassica seedlings so I sowed some replacements as well as winter brassicas.

The currants are ripening nicely, perhaps even a few currants are ripe.

Wind & rain lashed at the broad beans – stakes needed.

Strawberries yummy.

Some peas are ready too.

Weeds growing as fast as ever!

Garden update

While sorting through seeds, I came across some HSL ones – I sowed some of these in the garden (Mr Bound’s Pea Bean, Pea – Robinson), plus some soya beans. I also found 4 lonely Boltardy beetroot seeds left in the packet so son helped me sow these in the garden.

The cherry tree has lots of nasty-looking blackfly, so I made up a mixture of insecticidal soap and a drop of SM3 seaweed and gave the blackfly a shower/bath.

There are a few cherries on the tree. Some of the currants are starting to ripen. Not long now before I’ll be making jams and things….

Got stung by stinging nettles so chopped these down and added to bucket with some comfrey. There is some glop from earlier so planning to give things a feed over the weekend.

I opened the compost bin and found an ants’ nest. I will leave it for a couple of days and then may deal with them with boiling water….

A bad year for brassicas

So far, it has been a bad year for brassicas – only very few have survived germination and slug/snail damage and transplanted out down the plot. I won’t use slug pellets, and have been out for occasional slug hunts, putting down beer traps. I wonder if placing the seed tray on sandpaper would deter molluscs….

Germination has also been patchy for the squashes, but there are plants which have been transplanted down to the plot. Also, OH direct sowed some squashy things too.

Germination was non-existent for celery (not even one little seedling) and celeriac (never grown one at all from seed).

Even with chillis, there has been selective germination, some varieties not germinating at all (some of these didn’t germinate last year either). Will have to try different varieties next year….


We had our own lettuce and own potatoes yesterday. OH pulled up one potato plant – probably Sarpo Una – 440g of new spuds.
In the front garden is a hebe. Yesterday, it was almost covered in bees and flutterbies. I counted at one time, at least a dozen bees – mainly bumblebees.