First earlies down

Other half went to the allotment this morning and planted out the first earlies, and sowed some Hangdown Green broad beans. Last week, on the 16th, he sowed peas (Kelvedon thing, Progress No 9, Greenshaft). No sign yet of anything sown, but then there hasn’t been much (if any) rain recently. 

At home, have sown on the 19th, some spinach (Oriento F1), celeriac (Giant Prague), one Marner storing red cabbage, one Waltham calabrese, one Golden (Primo) Acre cabbage, one Romanesco thing, some “saved-seed” leeks, and some flowers. 

Today, I also potted on 2 globe artichoke seedlings.


Sets planted

On Saturday, we went down to the allotment.  Planted out OH’s allium stash – Hercules onions and a handful of Picasso shallots. Still  have more shallots to plant out (more Pikant, which I found in the boot of the car yesterday when we collected some twigs to use as pea-sticks).

OH sowed most of his broad beans – Bunyards Exhibition, plus some spinach – Medania, too.

Plot looking remarkably under control – OH has done a lot of diggging.

Back at the house, I sowed some more tomatoes: Cyril’s Choice; Auntie Madge’s; Bijskij zeltyi; as well as Peppers – Mini Bell Mixed; chilli – Tabasco; basils – Lime & Siam Queen; leek – Swiss Giant Zermatt.


I put out the seed potatoes that we bought from the Potato Day in Mold, in egg trays. However, I forgot to label them! So, I have no idea (other than 2nd early) what they are!! [edit 13th March – the Mold potatoes are all accounted for – the number of nameless potatoes in the egg trays is 10 – perhaps the 10 Catriona on my potato list]

I have been having a brief look at a new messageboard/forum on the web. It is small at present but looks friendly, though I have not yet registered (will probably do so later). I haven’t been spending much time on messageboards recently. Anyway, if you’d like to take a look, the link is:

Back to the drawing board

The polythene slipped out of the magnetic hold, so we’ll have to find some way of securing better (though good job we staked one end so it didn’t blow away). 

Been clearing out the greenhouse so that the seedlings on the windowsill can move in (out) there in a few days, still not finished though. 

The one year old rhubarb seedlings are looking good and will need to be planted out some time. 

Hope to sow more seeds indoors  in the next few days – more salads, leeks, brassicas, tomatoes…


Yesterday, the weather held apart from an early shower. So, we wondered down to the plot to do some more digging, and to prepare beds for sowing/planting. I planted out shallot sets (Yellow  Moon, Topper, and Pikant – the latter obtained yesterday after lunch at a nice garden centre). I also planted out Garlic – Marco and the variety that was available at Ryton in January at Potato Day. Some onion sets were planted out too – White Ebenezer and Centurion. OH has his stash of onion sets somewhere and these were not planted out. In the middle of this allium-set bed, I sowed a couple of rows of Amsterdam Forcing 3. 

Also, we harvested some purple sprouting broccoli – son loves this! 

We were looking into cloches with the raised beds. I suggested to OH about putting nails in the raised bed frames, putting plastic (or fleece) over some sort of tubing bend into an arch and securing with Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets. It probably wasn’t the best idea to put this up yesterday in the wind! but it seems secure. The main problem was that the plastic was slipping and could perhaps slip out of the magnet. Maybe fleece would be better – perhaps more grip/less slippage.

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