Is it Spring yet?

I have a daffodil in flower in the front garden, and a currant bush starting to open leaf buds. It does feel mild weather-wise but I fear we could have another cold snap. 

I have some more seedlings on the windowsill – onions, tomatoes and peppers, but not everything sown has germinated yet. Still, there is time… Patience is a virtue.


I have leek seedlings

Earlier this week, my son had noticed that there were some hooks/loops of leek seedlings in a tray. Yay! I am looking forward to this growing year.

Food waste collection

My council has now introduced food waste collection. We have a brown wheelie bin for garden waste (lawn clippings and plants, etc) and now we can put food waste in that too. Can put in meat, fish, bones, tea & coffee, fruit and veg (though will still use compost bin for these), cheese, eggs, bread, pasta, rice…. 

No more need for Bokashi – it didn’t really work all that well – the second batch of Bokashi bran I bought went off, even though was kept airtight….. Oh dear, forgot to empty the 2nd bin…. sealed… not looking forward to emptying it. Still, the bins themselves will be useful – I can make comfrey (or nettle) liquid feed.

More sowings

Sowed some chillies (Friar’s Hat, Albertos Locoto, Cascabella), tomatoes (Kenches Gold, Salt Spring Sunrisem Giant Tree Tomato), onions (Bedfordshire Champion, Red Baron, Rossa di Toscana, Tondo Musona, Up To Date), leeks (Autumn Mammoth 2 – Snowstar), cabbage (Greyhound), cauliflower (All the Year Round), globe artichoke (Green Globe Improved), liquorice, sweet pepper (Marconi Rosso), Cape Gooseberry, and herbs (Parsley – Laura, Cutting Celery). 

I have also been doing a small amount of pot washing!

Seeds sown today

After throwing the odd snowball today, this evening I started sowing some seeds. So far, I have sown some tomatoes (Sugar Italian Plum, Snow White Cherry), chillis (Habanero Peach, Carribean Antillais. Trifetti), aubergines (a heritage mix), and some herbs (chervil, moss curled parsley). It is a start.

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