Is it November already?

It is horrible outside. Inside, I should be dealing with a marrow – I quite fancy doing marrow & pineapple jam. I’ve already made various jams this year – pumpkin & orange, pumpkin & ginger, marrow & orange, as well as a pumpkin conserve, pumpkin chutney, pumpkin flour….  Any other suggestions for pumpkin jams? 

It has been a funny year. Pumpkins and marrows did well, after germination problems and slug/snail menaces. Not much else, apart from beetroot has done really really well. 

Son was writing labels for some of the seeds. Still haven’t sown the autumn broad beans & garlic – it is far too wet. Haven’t been down the allotment for a couple of weeks – probably sodden and with weeds growing still here and there. Although the mountains/hills have had some snow, I think we’ve only had a frost this week (pathetic courgette plant in garden is blackened – though it did give us 2 small courgettes that weren’t mollusced).

Still haven’t ordered new seeds. I guess we don’t need that much, having bought some things from T&M’s Open Day, and with all the seeds we’ve bought over the last year or two. Still, shall be looking forward to the HSL list.