Why isn’t the first seed catalogue to arrive not exciting me? It came early last week and although I have looked through it, I’m not excited like I usually am at this time of year when the seed catalogues come out.

Pumpkin, 11kg harvested made itself into jam, conserve, chutney, quiche, soup and ground coarsely to make a flour.


Come on tomatoes, ripen

There are tomatoes in the greenhouse, but only a very small few have turned colour. Perhaps they wanted a better summer (well, “a summer”)…. Maybe I should venture inside the greenhouse but there are spiders and their webs blocking the way in… I don’t like breaking webs – the spiders have gone to so much trouble to spin their pretty webs….


– Ventured forth. Found a few ripe tomatoes so I picked them. Some had been eaten by those pesky slugs. By one of the pots, I found 2 huge slugs having a bit of rumpy-pumpy. Needless to say, they are no longer in the greenhouse… Noticed also some Boytritis. I think there is a leak in the greenhouse roof. Still lots of green tomatoes.


My mother picked some of the Orange Banana tomatoes. She likes the taste of them, full of flavour. My tomatoes aren’t as ripe, though we have picked and eaten only a few Broad Ripple Yellow Currant tomatoes. The others have not ripened yet. 

What has ripened, though, were the Cascabella chillis. OH says they are hot

We’ve harvested all of the potatoes now down on the allotment. Pink Fir Apple potatoes were fabulous, coming in all weird shapes! Some of the others are good, but a number had slug/other hole damage plus pronged with the fork. OH has processed the damaged ones into rostis with onions and they are now frozen. Freezer now full. 

The onions and shallots have been pulled, though there are still some spring onions down the plot. The spring onions I have found to be hotter than some of the onions. 

We’ve had a couple of yummy cabbages, Primo Golden Acre and Kalibos. A Romanesco was also harvested.

I made some jam last week – we picked the red and white currants, plus there were a handful of blackcurrants and TWO blackberries. 

Beetroot has been superb, though we don’t like boiled/pickled beetroot. I made a nice Borscht starting with grated raw beetroot and apples….  I’ve seen a nice book on Polish cookery which mentions fermented beetroot juice and using that to make a borscht. 

Carrots have been good, apart from a few with holes from the carrot fly larvae.

Pumpkins ramapaging across the plot with quite a few big ‘uns. There are a couple of big marrows left too.