Is it August already?

Where is the summer? One week of summer weather is replaced with rain again and the slugs/snails have come out to play. Was away and the potatoes I was growing in the back garden in a box have been almost stripped bare of leaves by molluscs.

Beetroot – what are we going to do with it all. Son likes raw grated beetroot; OH likes it roasted. I made a Borscht with it and it was nice. The last Borscht I made before that was using the Chioggia beetroot and it didn’t come out right – it wasn’t red. Sowed more beetroot mid-July so …..!

Carrots are doing nicely too. Except, a bit patchy in places. Weeds have had a field day – the new allotment wasn’t weeded for 2 years (the tenants just let it run riot) so as we’ve taken it over, we have 7+ years of weed seeds in the soil. Fumitory weed looks a bit carrot-like so perhaps some carrot seedlings have been weeded…

We have 2 parsnip plants from a whole packet of seeds.

Onions – some bolted. In June, there was a festival of sound and music using vegetables. So, we thought we’d take the bolting bit of onion and try to fashion a flute. Well, it didn’t really work but we weren’t precise. However, blowdarts work and son was happy playing with it.

Potatoes a mixed bag. The maincrop look healthier plants than the earlies, but we still manage to get some sort of crop out.

Garlic – overwintered, fantastic.

Peas – yum.

Broad beans overwintered did well. And a spring sown bunch have already finished cropping but only blighted with blackfly. I didn’t notice choc. spot this time. Runner beans totally failed to germinate. Climbing French Beans instead are going up the canes meant for the RBs.

We had a marrow (or was it an oversized courgette?). The pumpkin/squash plants are rambling away.

I’ll get round sometime to putting pictures up on here.


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