my baby blackbirdie ate a slug

I was out in the garden this afternoon picking redcurrants. It is jam/jelly time again. Anyway, I looked over towards the gooseberries and there was a young blackbirdie was eating a slug. Earlier, she and/or one of her siblings ate a few redcurrants, cheeky things but it is a small price to pay for slug predation.



This evening has been spent shelling peas and broad beans for freezing. We’ve already frozen 4lb+ of peas on Wednesday, plus garlic. The peas were sown in March, and had provided a few meals before Wednesday. Tonight, frozen 2 pints. Broad beans have also been frozen, and some that weren’t were used to make a bissara type thing, adapted from the recipe in Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit book (Biggs, McVikar and Flowerdew).