June harvest

Yesterday and today, harvested the rest of the overwintered garlic. 2 weeks ago, some garlic was harvested and whizzed for freezing, that is likely to be the outcome for the new garlic.

Also harvested the overwintered shallots.

Ate peas, but will do a bulk harvest later this week. Destination – the freezer.

Some broad beans picked yesterday. More to be picked – again, for the freezer.

Sowed more carrots, several varieties, more beetroot (some was harvested yesterday, yum), and spring onions.

Planted out the sweetcorn, and replacement squash things.

We have a fruit patch and herb garden on the plot. All that is left is a pond, but….



It’s windy

We’ve had a windy night. Hope the fruit trees on the plot are ok. Perhaps extra stakes required.

We’ve also had rain, so are the slugs and snails happy? There were signs of recently transplanted french beans being attacked by the molluscs.

Son has been enjoying the raspberries and strawberries plus the odd tay?berry.

Last week, broad beans were harvested. Shelled weight was 450g. Also harvested one batch of overwintered garlic, which has been whizzed and frozen in ice-cube trays.

Radish clarinet and Carrot recorder

I woke up this morning to the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4. The one item they had on that grabbed my attention was the interview with two people for the Street Vibe Festival of Sound. As well as water filled gourds, music (!) came from a radish, and a recorder-like sound from a hollowed out carrot. The interview is available online (I don’t know for how long), but it was found at http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_7454000/7454565.stm tonight.

Tomatoes in flower

The greenhouse tomatoes are in flower, however, my mother is looking after Orange Banana tomatoes and they have been in flower for a couple of weeks more or so, plus the plants are bigger.

Harvested some of the overwintered garlic. The leaves were going a bit rusty and yellow.

Other things harvested were spinach (or was it spinach beet?). A lot of the spinachy stuff has bolted, as well as some of the onions (but I snapped off the stem and ate it – rather hot!). The overwintered broad beans so far have yielded 250g shelled weight of beans, still more to come though. The odd pea pod has been ready to.

The unharvested radish are all going to flower…

Doesn’t look like we’ll  have runner beans this year. Seeds, well, apart from one, haven’t germinated. The one that has has a slight problem – not really any stem as such and the leaves coming out of the compost mixture. Instead, climbing French beans (can’t remember which one at present) will be climbing up the A-frames.

Some redcurrants are ripening.

What else is there to say… erm, can’t think of anything else at the moment.

It is now June, and…

The allotment survived the winds. It looked fine, albeit a bit weedy. I went down on Friday to do some planting. Some of the brassicas that were windswept in their rootrainers came back to some sort of life, so some of these have been planted. I also jumped on my pogostick (I wish), and planted out a load of leeks. OH planted the curcurbits. Went down again on Saturday and planted out the climbing heritage french beans, coco bicolor. I also had a major weeding session. Some spinach (or was it leaf beet) has bolted, as well as some of the red onions. I broke off the onion flower stem and munched it – it was rather hot!

Back in the garden, I have been sowing replacement curcurbits. The Runner beans are slow to germinate – maybe they were too far “gone” to have been salvaged ok. Nearly all the tomatoes and chillis.. have been potted on into their final pots (aka Morrisons buckets).

Will start off more salads and herbs tomorrow, when school restarts (today was a teacher training day).