It is a disaster

Just got back from a long weekend – I’m practically in tears. The brassicas and squashes I left outside… the wind got to them. Some have been blown out of their pots, others look windswept. The hazelnut tree leaves look a bit worse for wear, plus one of the currant branches has almost snapped. 1 apple tree in a pot has shrivelled leaves, and another became a leaning apple tree…

Haven’t yet been to the allotment………………….. Will leave that until tomorrow, if I can face it.


Hot weather continues

And things need watering. The dryness of the soil made it easy to pick weeds by hand. I still didn’t do much weeding in the root bed, as it is difficult to tell a weed from a seedling parsnip or carrot.

OH had laid some weed control fabric down and I planted 4 blackcurrant bushes, but there are 3 more still to plant, plus the red and whitecurrants.

Planted out some of the salad stuff – Milan, Rubens Red Cos, Little Gem and Webbs Wonderful lettuces plus the two mustards, Giant Red and Osaka Purple.

I haven’t noticed many bumblebees around recently, though I have spotted honeybees. Also, there are a number of 2-spot ladybirds around plus their larvae in the garden.

First Harvest

first radish

My son is holding our first harvest on Saturday, which incidentally is from Plot No. 2, a single radish (possibly Short Top Forcing, as OH didn’t make a mental note of the variety (could it be Sparkler instead?)). OH sowed Waverex peas.

Yesterday, I had a sowing session. I managed to salvage 18 Black Magic runner bean seeds from the evil-plastic bag from last week. Also, sowed 10 Kent Blue peas, 80 Prince of Prussia peas, 4 Milan Lettuce as well as French beans:
24 seeds of Coco Bicolor, a climbing French bean.
10 seeds of Magpie, a dwarf French bean.
Early Warwick
10 seeds of Early Warwick, a dwarf French bean.

I still have seeds of other French Beans yet to sow – Horsehead, Canadian Wonder, Royal Red, Negritos and Cherokee Trail of Tears.

I didn’t do all the potting on I wanted, but still managed to do: 3 Locoto Rocoto chillis; 3 Szechuan aubergines; 1 Cascabella chillis; 1 Friar’s Hat chillis; 2 Italian Sugar Plum tomatoes; 1 Salt Spring Sunrise tomato; 1 Auntie Madge’s tomato; 2 Riesentomate and 5 Tomatillo.

Sawfly, slugs, shoots, summer

Yesterday, I spotted sawfly larvae on the gooseberry bushes. Not many to start with – just 3, but I saw them because I noticed their “droppings” on the gooseberry leaves beneath. However, more woes for the gooseberry include greenfly but I have seen 2 two-spotted ladybirds “at it” on one of the branches, so hopefully, will have an army of greenfly-eaters soon. As well as the usual two-spotted, I have seen variants of the 10-spotted also in the garden.

Down the allotment, I’ve noticed pods on the overwintered broad beans.
Its a young broad bean

Then, there are shoots coming up, but are they weeds or:
jerusalem artichoke
Jerusalem Artichoke?
Chinese Artichokes?

Then of course, there is the perennial problem of molluscs. OH, on Thursday, decided to open up several drinking establishments for them. There have also been a few woodlouse gatecrashers to the party by Saturday. Gardenwise, have been out a couple of times hunting. This time, armed with a brick for smashing snails (why would I want to smash pumpkins!), and with OH equipped with a fork from a fondue set. Carnage! Right, I’m off outside to clear it up, and to restock the slugbars in the garden.
pub - not Slug & Lettuce


Plastic is evil, poor seeds

A plastic bag conspired against me and a seedswap person by assisting white mouldy things to do their stuff on the nice Black Magic runner bean seeds. I have wiped off the white stuff from some of the beans and I think a few would be sowable. Others are to be consigned to the bin. Last year, only lost a couple of saved runner bean seeds – these were kept in plastic bag. I guess though that current lot of bean seeds weren’t quite dry. Maybe I’ll have to give the next lot of saved runner bean seeds a quick blast in the dehydrator.

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