Seeds and seed sprouts

Yesterday, sowed a load more seed. I started squashes and pumpkins, 4 seeds each of Black Futsu, Rouge Vif D’Etampes and Hokkaido. Also started in modules, Giant Prague celeriac, various salads including Webbs Wondeful, Lettuce Milan, Osaka Purple & Red Giant mustards, Giant Red celery, nasturtiums, marigolds and various herbs including sage, cumin, lime basil…. Yesterday, I also soaked some lentils, linseed, mung beans and adzuki beans for sprouting.

Today was a perfect day. I sat in the garden reading the ish Bible, as well as watching the bees buzz around. There were also quite a few wasps too.

At the plot, sowed a whole bed of White King parsnips, and chucked in some Sandwich Giant salsify and Amsterdam Forcing carrots for good measure! Decided that the newspaper seed tapes had failed so sowed some Chantenay carrots as a replacement. Also sowed some more broad beans – Vectra, beetroot – Boltardy, and Scorzonera.


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