Seeds, hedges, Horlicks.

Saturday was a seed sowing day. I sowed in modules/Rootrainers: Shchavel Sorrel; Belize, Rubens Red Cos and Little Gem lettuces; Chervil; Russian Mammoth Sunflower; White Lisbon Spring Onion; Cauliflowers Violet Queen and All the Year Round; Romanesco and Romanesco Natalino; Cabbages Primo (Golden Acre), Greyhound, Marner Storing Red and Kalibos; Brussels Sprouts Darkmar 2, Bedford Fillbasket and Seven Hills; Waltham Calabrese; Hungry Gap and Ragged Jack heritage Kales; Glaskin’s Perpetual rhubarb; Crystal Lemon cucumber; Albarello di Sarzana courgettes.
OH had finished cutting the hedge down in the allotment. Above is a picture of the hedge taken in November last year. The flowers are nice but the hedge was getting a bit large and providing a dumping ground for rubbish. Below, hedge is gone. We’d like to put a new hedge there with currants – the early flowers attract bumblebees (have spotted mainly the buff-tailed bumblebee around the currants in my garden).
hedge cleared

Yesterday, OH decided to mow the lawn I mean, daisy patch. He wanted a Horlicks before he finished the edges. This morning, I discovered he had forgotten to bring the mug in, and I found 2 dead slugs in the dregs. The big jar of Horlicks is empty, except for a teaspoon or so stuck at the bottom – perhaps I’ll put that out as slug bait as well as (or instead of) beer.


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