New page…

I decided to add a new page yesterday for vegetable (and herb) sowings for this year. I hope to chart the progress of each sowing, when it is transplanted (if applicable), and when harvested. Unfortunately, a few of the sowings have failed, and some of the seedlings have met with accidents/molluscs. The page may take a while to load, but it should be easier to follow than trying to find the earlier blog entry I said I had sowed something that the current entry said I just transplanted/harvested, etc.

Last year, I dried slices of orange. I decided to try them yesterday. The taste was more like marmalade than the taste of “eating oranges”. Shall be drying some apples tonight.

Earlier today with some leftover rice mixed in with scrambled eggs, I added in some seed-sprouted lentils. Yum. I wonder which sprouting-seed to start off next.


Where are they?

Where are the strange root things? They were planted out end of last month but no sign (?) of anything apart from weeds (and raspberries) coming up in the “strange veg” patch. I hope the Jerusalem artichokes, ulluco, oca, yacon, chinese artichokes haven’t all rotted.

Also, where are all my carrot/parsnip/beetroot seedlings from various sowings? I think I can see some beetroot and carrots germinating but nothing from the newspaper seed tapes (not even the radish as markers for the parsnip rows germinated..). The bulk sowing of broad beans have practically all germinated and look good. OH’s leaf beet and spinach and radish have also germinated. I also spotted a single lettuce seedling.

Yesterday, OH sowed two root beds with various carrots (Early Nantes, Chantenay, Flakkee, Amsterdam Forcing), beetroots (Ukranian, Detroit Globe, Boltardy), Swede (Marian), and planted out some bought Celeriac seedlings. He also planted out some flower seedlings plus some bought plants (a nice red pansy, dianthus, snapdragons, and son wanted chives and lavender down the plot). I planted out some brassicas, 3 Primo Golden Acre & 3 Kalibos & 4 small Greyhound cabbages, 3 Romanesco things, 3 Darkmar Brussels and 4 rather pathetic looking All the Year Round cauliflowers (they look only marginally better than the ones I put out of their misery last month). Those cabbage root fly collars are fiddly and almost lethal to the seedlings as they seem to chop off the first leaves and in previous years, have snapped the stem. I also planted out some module sown spinaches – 12 Bordeaux, and 12 Medania (which were planted out among the direct-sown ones).

The overwintered broad beans have flowers on, but no sign yet of little pods.

Take your eye off the ball…

… and the slugs/snails eat your seedlings. Have lost some lettuce and chervil planted out in the garden, even though there are slug traps with beer in. I should put some more traps out, and go hunting more often.

Seeds and seed sprouts

Yesterday, sowed a load more seed. I started squashes and pumpkins, 4 seeds each of Black Futsu, Rouge Vif D’Etampes and Hokkaido. Also started in modules, Giant Prague celeriac, various salads including Webbs Wondeful, Lettuce Milan, Osaka Purple & Red Giant mustards, Giant Red celery, nasturtiums, marigolds and various herbs including sage, cumin, lime basil…. Yesterday, I also soaked some lentils, linseed, mung beans and adzuki beans for sprouting.

Today was a perfect day. I sat in the garden reading the ish Bible, as well as watching the bees buzz around. There were also quite a few wasps too.

At the plot, sowed a whole bed of White King parsnips, and chucked in some Sandwich Giant salsify and Amsterdam Forcing carrots for good measure! Decided that the newspaper seed tapes had failed so sowed some Chantenay carrots as a replacement. Also sowed some more broad beans – Vectra, beetroot – Boltardy, and Scorzonera.

Atisoo, cough, splutter

What a week it has been. We’ve caught some sort of bug – cough, sore throat, blocked nose, hot/cold thing. I nearly lost my voice! Yesterday, I received the ish Bible but was too tired to read more than a few pages (what I read was good, well done Andy & Dave). I was even too tired to be enthusiastic about receiving the various sprouting (+other) seeds I ordered. The sprouting seeds I have  are Red clover, Adzuki beans, Fenugreek, Mung beans, Mustard, Lentils brown & green, Linseed, Chickpeas and Alfalfa.  

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