This morning’s rain didn’t stop OH planting out his strange tubers down the plot. He planted out the Oca, Ulluco, Yacon and the recently received Chinese Artichokes. I forgot to ask him if there was any more rhubarb for picking. He had covered them earlier this year with large pots to force.


Potting on

I thought some of my seedlings wanted to be in bigger pots. I potted on various things: tomatoes –  3 Riesetomate, 4 Sugar Italian Plum, 3 Salt Spring Sunrise, 4 Auntie Madge’s, 5 Broad Ripple Yellow Currant; chillis – 3 Triffeti, 3 Albertos Locoto, 4 Friar’s Hat, 3 Cascabella; 6 Cape Gooseberry and 3 Basil Lemon.

Tonight, 12 molluscs lost their battle for life after vicious attacks with a sharp knife. It wasn’t noted whether the slugs were “good” or “bad”. The war has begun. The BBC has an interesting slug article here. There are even a few pictures.

First harvest of the season

OH went down the plots after work to do some more digging. He brought home some rhubarb which I made into a rhubarb crumble. Yum.

Is UK farming in crisis?

Trundled down to T***o today (and A**a yesterday) to buy some things. The pork chops looked nice – they were from Poland or Germany. There were some from Scotland. Other meats were from New Zealand (lamb), Argentina (beef), then Denmark for bacon. Wales is famous for sheep (and sheep  jokes) and you can already see little lambs in the fields at the moment. 

Also, Holland supplied some meat to A/T. Leeks from T today were from Belgium. Apples from all around the world – South Africa, New Zealand, China, Germany, France and some UK. What happened to the seasons (the same can be asked about the weather)? Ok, we had bad weather last year which may have destroyed some crops. I don’t want Asparagus out of season. I want it in May (though having said that, dug up the asparagus to make room for other things). I wonder how much electricity is used in Spain to grow those early crops of summer vegetables/fruit (lettuces, other salads, tomatoes, peppers, … ).

 A post elsewhere mentioned that a council wants to cut meat and dairy products from canteen menus – go veggie, to reduce carbon emissions. I wonder how many tonnes of emissions there would be from importing lentils/rice/tofu/other “vegetarian” staples, plus the vegetables out of season supplied by airfreight to the supermarkets….  

/end of rant.

Easter, snow….

Went away for Easter, to my mum’s. It snowed on Sunday and OH & small person went out to build various snow sculptures.
Snow thing
Stonehead’s latest post, with a picture of a sunset (absolutely stunning), reminded me of a “sunset” I had taken when Interrailing over 10 years ago. This photo was taken in Narvik, northern Norway. It looks like a sunset until you see the island. Sunset?

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