more autumn (well, almost winter now) planting

On Sunday, I met up with an OU friend who had just moved to a village about 10 miles from me. I showed her the allotments. She had been on a waiting list in her old area (people were waiting 9 years). She now has a garden, though this had been used by the local cats…. Anyway, down on the plot, her daughter and my son played happily in the sand pit. We yapped about everything and consequently, I have lost my voice. She took home a swede, albeit a bit on the holey side – just needs preparing…

Eventually, I got round to planting out Jermor shallots and sowing some peas (Meteor) and 2 lots of broad beans (Aquadulce Claudia and a few Jubilee Hysor (the packet did say it was suitable for Oct/Nov sowing)).

OH dug in some seaweed, and discovered potatoes we must have missed. Some were ok, others had holes… At least we don’t have any more Jerusalem artichokes (although they were nice, and the plants acted as a windbreak saving it up for later release..), which we planted 3 years ago – in the second year, we were ruthless….


What a mess

Went down to the allotments over the weekend. Didn’t do much myself apart from take picture of Plot 2, and plant garlic (Marco) on current plot.

Hubby pruned some of the hedge along the path by plot 2. We would be responsible for keeping it clear anyway. Also, he started a bit on the weeding, digging out some roots. His excuse was that he wanted somewhere to pile the hedge clippings for future burning.

Am wondering if I bought enough seeds! Though still awaiting HSL catalogue. Also, don’t have to hold back with seed spuds when we go to Potato Day in Ryton in February.

Acquiring a second allotment


This allotment, the picture taken on the 1st of July 2007, will be mine. I had phoned the council in July about the state of it. Anyway, last month, the tenants removed their shrubs. On Thursday, received a letter from the council asking if I was interested in this plot. I rang up, then went down there straight away to sign an agreement for it. My tenancy will start on the 1st of March 2008.

This next photo shows the allotment last year in June. That was their first year, they didn’t do very much – well, not much harvesting. Their spring onions, broccoli/brassicas were left unharvested, salads bolted.

The next picture shows what it was like under the tenant before them, beyond the Triang and tub-trugs in June 2004. The potatoes next to the polytunnel were probably planted by another plot holder, as the tenant was getting on in years and couldn’t cope with that much plot space. Even so, he had kept the remainder in top condition growing some potatoes, carrots, onions and beetroot.

Cheese total disaster

Well, OH had a go at cheesemaking. He didn’t follow a recipe, didn’t know what he was doing and consequently, it was a disaster. Better luck next time!