Garlic planted

On Tuesday just before school run (walk), I managed to get the 3 bulbs of Germidour garlic planted.

What else can be sown/planted now? Well, I am not bothering this year with overwintering onions – haven’t had much luck with them. Peas – well, will give this a go – have Feltham First and Meteor seeds available for autumn/winter sowings. Broad Beans – have Aquadulce Claudia, and according to its packet, Jubilee Hysor is also suitable for sowing in November. Lettuce – I have a couple of varieties of lettuce I can sow. Also, could sow some Tatsoi.

I have a feeling that 2008 is going to be a good year. Have pencilled in potato day in the calendar for the first weekend in February. Have received all ordered seed except for the parsnip, and have written labels for them. All ready and organised!



OH has been talking about making cheese. He was looking at eBay at cheese presses (does he want the Dutch type or the other type (name escapes me)). He said his colleague made some sage-flavoured soft cheese. Perhaps our dried fruit might work nicely in cheese.

A couple of years ago, we were going to make our own wines, but didn’t actually get round to making any. Maybe we’ll be just thinking about making cheese and not actually doing it…

Exam over!

Survived the exam. It’ll be close for getting the grade I want, but still, I did my best (well – apart from in the handwriting department. I had about 5 different spellings of String! Hope the examiner can read it!).

Went to the allotment. Some of it is looking a bit sad with the cucumbers saying enough is enough for the year. The cucumbers did crop well. Although they are a bit small, they do make good Jack-o-Lanterns. I tried one out (sorry, no photograph) at my local Woodcraft Folk (Gwerin Y Coed) meeting. This coming week, I’ll be doing more for our Halloween Party because Halloween comes during our half term week. I did some reading up on Halloween – a harvest festival. In a previous year, I’ve carved out a swede (that was tough), though think the turnip will make an easier candidate. I had read something that Neeps were used to make lanterns but there is a difference in opinion to what a neep refers to – is it the turnip or the swede?

The squash is going into action a bit late:

The nasturtiums are rampaging across the plot hiding a leafy thing:

It tasted spinachy/bitter but I don’t think it is a spinach. Looking at my sparse handwritten logbook, it appears it is a chicory – Grumolo Rossa.

Perhaps will get round to planting garlic this week – the only variety stocked at a garden centre I visited yesterday was the mild Germidour so that will have to do.

 I have already started typing up a plan of when to sow veg. Of course, weather/conditions may delay it but hopefully, I won’t be forgetting to sow things(especially those that should be sown successionally).

Currently reading Spade, Skirret and Parsnip – The Curious History of Vegetables. All interesting so far. Anyone want some “opium juice” made from lettuce?


Quick note while I take a break from revising for exam on Monday.

Have ordered seeds, mainly chillis from Simpson’s Seeds (caught in postal strike, taking 11 days to arrive from ordering), other seeds from Real Seeds (arrived before postal strike ordered same day as Simpsons, 4 days to arrive), and finally, 2 days ago, ordered seeds from the Organic Gardening Catalogue. Only catalogue now am eager to receive is the Heritage Seed Library catalogue, due early December? Should have some spare seeds for swapping purposes at Potato Day 2008 at Ryton (hope I remember to take them, or I’d have to part with some money for donations).

I intend to be more organised next year. Although this year, the early season went well, by May/June with the chocolate spot and blackfly, etc which disheartened me, I didn’t stay organised. A few things were sown without labels even though labels had been prepared. This month, have already written labels but now have enclosed them in the corresponding seed packets. I have been cutting up aluminium drinks cans to use as labels and mastering the art of writing backwards.

Things are afoot with the Garden Organic messageboards – a new login system (details found in their Announcement forum). Current discussions involve slugs/snails, caterpillars, horsetail (there was a study reported in the Autumn edition of The Organic Way), Skirret, plot planning, as well as book reviews …..

When the exam is finished, will have to catch up with Selfsufficientish and A4A.