Successes and failures

Successes have been:

  • Crystal Lemon cucumber
  • Purple Top Milan turnip
  • Walla Walla onion (not “hot” to eat raw)
  • Garlic – various
  • The early sown lettuces
  • Trifetti chilli peppers
  • Oro sweet peppers
  • Shallots – these seem to do well, unlike their cousins, the onions.

Cropped but not spectacularly well:

  • HSL tomatoes: Auntie Madge’s, Salt Spring Sunrise.
  • Horsehead french beans
  • Albarellodi Sarzana courgette
  • Potatoes with varying success due to blight, slugs/snails
  • Kalibos cabbage – one delicious cabbage out of 6+ seeds sown
  • Calabrese – well, out of 12+ seeds sown, 2 broccoli heads harvestable
  • Egyptian Turnip Rooted beetroot
  • Broad Beans – problems with chocolate spot.
  • Parsnip – well, poor germination (plus perhaps seedlings grazed).
  • Carrots – various, poor germination/molluscs plus a bit of rootfly
  • Kuttinger carrots – although tasty, only a few were harvestable.
  • Onions, various, both sets and seeds – didn’t seem to get going, unlike those on other plots on site. Still harvestable.
  • Leeks – various, mollusc damage. Should be able to harvest a few though.
  • Runner beans – mollusc damage + perhaps too windy earlier in season for them to get nicely wrapped round canes.
  • Peas, various.

Utter failures:

  • Monarch celeriac – not had success with celeriac, this was the 3rd? variety tried
  • Strawberry Popcorn sweetcorn – mollusc damage
  • Coco Bicolor french beans – mollusc damage
  • Marner Storing Red cabbage – cabbage root fly/aphids/mollusc damage
  • Cauliflowers – various, cabbage root fly/mollusc/aphid damage.
  • Matador spinach
  • Pak Choi – bolted
  • Uchiki Kuri squash
  • Aubergines – flowered but no fruit set, both indoor and out, even with brush.
  • Clemson’s Spineless okra

Now a couple of seed catalogues have arrived, I have been thinking about next year. I have also given away seeds (mainly those that didn’t succeed well). Still a couple of catalogues eagerly waited for. Potatoes will be obtained from Potato Day at Ryton near Coventry (well done last night in the football) which is to be held the first weekend in February (Saturday for members, Sunday for general public).


Plot looking empty

Harvesting continues. The Crystal Lemon cucumbers still doing nicely. They are prickly so-and-sos. Having given some to OH’s colleague, the feedback on them is that they taste good stuffed and roasted.

One turnip and one red cabbage were harvested. Very very tasty. The turnip was over 1kg in weight.
turnip + cabbage

There are a few runner beans, not many but might leave them for seeds – they are a black heritage variety (didn’t get round to sowing Churchfield black, but these were saved from last year – now what was the variety? – Black Magic, I think).
runner beans

Weeds are thriving during last month’s neglect. Still, some things look reasonable-ish.
weedy fennel

Organic Way plus the Organic Gardening Catalogue have arrived. Have been drooling over them! Quiet fancy taking part in some experiments for next year, especially the garden bee survey.

Brief note

Just a brief post to say I haven’t forgotten about this blog. What with the school holidays, to-ing and fro-ing from my mum’s and studying 2 Open University courses, the plot and garden have been a bit neglected.

The garden has raspberry canes escaping from the original patch bearing very tasty and quite large fruits. The odd slug/snail has slimed a couple. Need to refresh the slug traps with more beer. Could be worse, could be in Gloucestershire – in the current issue of NewScientist, Feedback found a quote in an article: “In some parts of Gloucestershire there are 100 slugs per square foot.”

Still got a few potatoes to dig up at the plot. The marrows (well, they should have been courgettes!) have already been sliced in the kitchen for a tasty meal or two. We have yet to harvest runner beans, but we will have some. Cucumbers are also ready to harvest, though have had a couple already chomping them down at the plot. Intending to go there tomorrow – will take camera.

Seed catalogues – the first arrived on Thursday – the T&M. I don’t think I will be ordering from them this year. In past years at this time, I’ve looked forward to them, but this year, I didn’t rush to rip the plastic envelope open. Still, I think I am looking forward to the OGC coming out.

There may be still time to vote in the August competition on the A4A website:,35492.0.html