Garden centres hit wallet

Last Sunday and this Sunday, we went to garden centres (amongst other activities). We bought some “baby plants” and OH got plugs of flowers I already have seeds for (lobelia, busy lizzie).


We also bought seeds (what?! More seeds I hear you cry).

Today’s garden centre has opened a new cafe (we haven’t been there for a while, when there was no cafe). Afterwards, we popped to the plot to transplant the peas and broadies I had sown in guttering – they just slid in so easily. I did take pictures but unbeknown to me, the light balance was set on lightbulbs and the pictures didn’t turn out as well as they should. The comfrey (below) is coming up nicely. Must do more things with it. I read somewhere that putting a comfrey leaf in the trench before you put in seed spuds helps prevent scab.

The winter white radish things from Japanese seed are bolting. I want to save the seeds.


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  1. Mel said,

    2 April 2007 at 12:02 pm

    Oh dear. I just have to drive past a gardening centre and my purse sheds money. Actually that’s a lie. I can’t drive past a gardening centre, even if I do complain the qwhole way round what a rip-off the prices are.

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