TMA avoidance!

Have a backlog of Organic Gardening Magazine to read. Last night, started with December 2006 issue. Interesting quote, “surplus apples will soften on the tree and thus benifit birds, foxes, badgers and butterflies.” I had a dream last night of foxes going scrumping and making ciders. Strange!

Further in the issue, some news from the Irish Peatland Conservation Council ( having acquired a bog that was used for commercial peat extraction they are now blocking some of the drains (180 euros each to block) which will help the bog return to its former wetland glory.

Down the garden path column is funny but serious – re saffron – “which as you’re probably aware, is hand-knitted by goblins. Although recently, of course, production has moved from Welsh goblins to Chinese goblins in order to rationalise outsourcing throughput outcomes.”

January 2007 issue comes across KinderGarden Plants that are starting to use biodegradeable rice husk pots (not yet available retail) – great news that commercial companies are trying to use more biodegradeable things. December 2006 issue said in a news headline that Sainsbury packaging goes compostable. However, the March 2007 column of Plot Line, looks at the big 4 supermarkets. Every little hurts! But environment-wise,  Asda wants to reduce energy consumption and move over completely to renewables. Morrisons have own brand of energy-saving lightbulbs. Tesco has biodegradeable carrier bags. Sainsburys – well, there isn’t a store near me (not even one bus away), but they support initiatives to source British produce.

Anyway, I suppose I should at least get the coursebooks out onto the desk along with tma booklet.


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