First Daffodil

I noticed in the back garden a Daffodil in flower. The yellow colour is so cheerful and gives me hope for the year.

Pulled up some overwintering carrots in the boxes on the garden patio. They look good. If my back and my cold and head weren’t getting me down, I might have ventured to the allotment to sow some carrots under the cloches, and pick the Mooli type things.


I’ve been tagged

Five things that you didn’t know about me. Difficult one if I am going to keep it gardening related.

1) 2006 felt like a bad year, what with doing an Open University course and with the blight / blackfly / slugs /cabbage whitefly / rain / cold / wind / syringe needles (thrown over the fence from a small playground) – I gave up on the year! 2007 is a new year and I am hoping it will be a better one.

 2) I have a stonking cold after coming back yesterday from a week away in the Algarve.

 3) I am not a winter person. I am a wimp – I don’t like the cold and rain and wind.

4) I like listening to The Archers with the organic broad beans that have some chocolate spot and the potatoes the supermarkets won’t take because they are too scabby.

5) I am jealous of the Algarve weather – their broad beans are already over a foot high, potatoes are growing nicely, peas are climbing up sticks, fresh picked oranges are wonderful, plus there is little risk of frost (mainly if been dry for a while).

 I started this post in early January. I don’t know why I didn’t continue it. I know I have neglected this blog over the winter months. Hopefully with “spring” on its way (daffodils are in bud) and with seed sowing starting, I will write more!