Wet and windy

Thursday was a wet and windy day. I had to go out and I got drenched.

 Good news though, Admin is back and hopefully A4A will be back to normal soon. I was getting withdrawal symptoms (or was I looking to be distracted from an Open University assignment?).


Boo hoo, A4A having problems

Poor Dan, all his hard work and A4A’s database is being tortured. I hope things get sorted out soon. Chat room on there still works.

Went to the plot yesterday. Harvested a green cauli – perhaps a bit on the small side but when I did cut it off, I found a juicy (!) big slug resting (juicy slugs – not 2 words that go tastily together).

Picked a couple more Uchiki Kuri – out of seeds of this for next year (gave some away) so will probably get fresh seed from a catalogue. Also need a pumpkin – got 4 Rouge Vif D’etampes that are ripening (or ripe already). Have grown this variety two years in a row – should I buy more seed of it or go for one of the other pumpkins? I have some warty squash seeds though they didn’t get past the eaten by those juicy slugs stage this year. Will try again next!