Horsehead Dwarf French Beans

Following a link in the Seed News to DEFRA’s Plant Varieties and Seed Gazette (, I notice that under a statutory notice concerning varieties which renewal beyond 10 year period has not been applied, is Horsehead – a dwarf french bean that is suitable for drying (“Well suited for UK growing. Dark red beans excellent for soups, casseroles and chilli con carne. Young pods can be eaten fresh.” quoted from the Organic Gardening Catalogue 2005). Lucky we haven’t eaten all the beans yet, guess I’d better save the seeds. The beans are very tasty, so we’d like to grow it again. The seeds are pretty – will get round to taking a picture of these later.


Been back-dating

Have transferred, slow process, my allotment diary for 2005 from my isp-hosted webpage. I thought I would add it here to give a more complete picture. I will eventually get round to uploading the 2004 diary entries from my webpage. I haven’t put in any pictures for those diary entries, though I might add them later.

I know I haven’t been as regular updating this as I wanted. I have taken photos and I might add some more backdated entries to match.

Plot pics

Went to the allotment to take some pictures. My OH has been building cloches so that we can extend the growing season.


I think this is a cauliflower though it could be a romanesco.


An Uchiki Kuri squash harvested last weekend.


There’s a lot to update

I have a load of photos to upload and progress to report. I am not sure how I will go about organising it all – perhaps have it under the dates the photos were taken.

I have a stonking cold, and am drinking a hot toddy.

Progress update

A fifth bed was put in.


Pumpkins are ripening nicely.


The japanese vegetables sown last week have already germinated. They were sown quite deep – about 5cm.japveg2

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