More harvest pics



The pumpkins romping over the plot.


My hubby has decided we should grow in raised beds, though he was against it for a while. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of room for the round courgettes on this bushy Eight Ball plant.


Hubby has decided we should have raised beds, though he was against the idea for 3 years.


Harvest pictures

Herebe a selection of harvest pictures harvested this week.


3 varieties of carrots grown in boxes.

Runner beans and Eight Ball round courgettes.


HSL Beetroot – Ukranian.

Hubby made up for last week’s premature harvest

Not only has he filled up one side of a new zealand style compost box full of fresh strawy horse manure from the stables at the top of our allotment site, he has sieved the current compost which looks gorgeous (shall I post pic of the heap?).

To top it off, he bought me a 2 year subscription to Organic Gardening Magazine (OGM). We let our last subscription lapse as towards the end of the subscription, I found I wasn’t as eager to read the magazine as I did when I was able to hunt it down in the shops. Now, due to another excellent gardening magazine recently established, a number of shops no longer stock OGM and I can’t get hold of it within a 30 mile radius by bus. I do buy Grow Your Own Magazine from shops. I know it is cheaper to subscribe, but I wonder if the eagerness to read it when it would come through the door would fade – twisted logic perhaps, but if I buy it froma shop, I am more likely to read it. We used to also subscribe to Kitchen Garden Magazine, but now I buy this from the shop as well.


We have mousies down the allotment discovered when hubby uncovered old compost heap. Here are the cute pictures





Annoyed at other half

Hubby went down to the plot last night and harvested two of my pumpkins when they are smaller than a basketball. He said there were plenty of flowers. We have a squash plant in the garden with plenty of flowers but they are male flowers – no squashes for me on that one. Am a bit annoyed!He harvested some runner beans (no pics taken) as well.

Interesting article here:

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