July update

Things this year haven’t gone according to plan. I had started well, what with writing down when I sowed things. I haven’t always noted when things have been transplanted or potted-on. I haven’t kept up with this blog very well. I have taken a number of pictures which are dated, so I might write some back-dated entries.

Allotment has been a bit of a disappointment. Potatoes doing ok, but shallots look tiddly, as did the onions. Garlic also was a bit small. Peas – well, I didn’t get down there in time to pick them young, so am leaving them for drying. Things have been eaten, or, in the case of what was to be a lovely cabbage – cabbage aphids and clubroot. Herebe picture of what looks like an oversized sprout that is all I managed to rescue from the cabbage.


Garden things are a bit better. However, my HSL peas which I was leaving for drying have caterpillar-eaten leaves leaving skeletons! Sawfly larvae/caterpillars I just spotted again today on goosegogs and currants – a second wave of them?


Made redcurrant jelly – what a sticky mess in the muslin cloth! Recipe followed was posted on A4A website. Red gooseberries are ripe and ready for picking, though some have developed lighter patches on the fruit, though the leaves look ok.


Harvested some nice garlic and smallish shallots as well. The one lot of garlic was missed last year so a nice big clump was lifted. Tomatoes are gorgeous in the so-called greenhouse with first one eaten on the 11th July – so sweet. Got sweet-peppers growing on front-room windowsill – 3 plants with about 30 peppers on them! 

Jealous of EJ’s plot! Go drool over her harvest pictures on her blog.