This month, I have already started buying seeds for next year. Lidl was selling their seeds at 29p each for small packets and 49p each for large packets. I don't know the ethicness of these seeds – the ones sold by the Organic Gardening Catalogue are stated as ethically sourced. I bought: Lobelia Magic Mix F1 (though have only just noticed that it is "pillen saat" – I wonder if this means it is pelleted seed);  Busy Lizzie Mix; Calabrese Corvet F1 (which says sow April-July); Dwarf French Bean Kinghorn Wax; French Marigold Kobold Mix F1; California Poppy Mission Bells.

Today I went to Wilkos where seed was half price. I bought Wilkos own brand: Petunia Bedding Mixed; Coleus Rainbow Mixed. From Johnsons Seeds, I got: Pak Choi Choko F1; Gerbera Californian Giants Mixed; Verbena Sparkles Mixed.

Also today, at Woolies, their own brand seeds were 30p and Johnsons were 60p. I got Woolies Gazania Sunshine Mixed, Godetia Dwarf Mixed and Caifornia Poppy Milk and Honey. From Johnsons Seeds, I bought only a packet of Geraniums – Special Multiflora Mixzed F1.

Some of the seeds acquired this month can be sown this year, either now-ish or in autumn.


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  1. 20 July 2006 at 9:18 pm

    Wow … you’re getting a few bargains there … I think I better get into the shops to … I love this time of year, when the garden is in full flower, the veg is doing it’s thing and we can start plotting (no pun intended) for next year … and get some bargains ‘cause the shops sell off their seeds getting ready for their Christmas cards!!

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