Spring roundup

With computer woes, I haven't been online as much as I would have liked and have therefore neglected this blog a bit.

Root veg sown at the plot in March have failed to appear other than the odd one or two carrots. Maybe I should have cloched and prepared the soil (sieved) more. Hubby built a couple of salad boxes for the garden, one deep and one shallow. The deep one, I have sown parsnips in – one has appeared, and 2 lots of carrots are showing. I have only transplanted 3 asparagus lettuce into the shallow one, but there is plenty of room for the seeds I have received yesterday to go (salad stuff).

Harvested 2 overwintered lettuce I think is Lattughino, along with 3 mushrooms this year. There is a fourth mushroom buttoning up nicely, though we might leave it to go flat. Asparagus has gone ferny already before we had a chance to cut spears. Guess will have to wait until next year!

Tomatoes have already started to form last month, though the flowers don't seem to be producing pollen for transfer using a brush. I have stroked/knocked the plant/flowers which looked like to have worked as fruit are setting.

I spied a pea pod last week at the allotment though it hadn't filled out yet.

Have already started revisiting catalogues and wishing for October to come for next year's catalogues!!

Lovely day, so off out into the garden to start more seeds off, and to enjoy the sunshine.


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