A4A catch-up

I haven't been on the A4A messageboards for ages, so I am going to read the posts in Edible Plants forum for this month and follow up some of the messages here (or I can envisage pages and pages of replies!).

Spent mushroom compost – if this is alkaline, maybe this could be used for brassicas. People have already sown sweetcorn, might do mine next week or two. And as for the squash family, will do those at the same time.
As for lemongrass, I started off from seed no problem and had small grassy things but as for useable stems – no luck.
Aubergines – mine haven't germinated at all, sown 2 lots as well. Last year, the same variety didn't germinate but I had no problems with Lao Lavender (not in current Tuckers catalogue and other half used the fruit I set aside for seeds đŸ˜¦ )

Am just a couple of days behind now on that forum, but now it is time for housework! Hope to be back later.


Catch up

Spring is here, the daffodils smile nicely. I even have a minature tulip in flower as well. Yesterday, I saw a ladybird for the first time this year. My goosegogs/currants/raspberry plants are bursting into leaf. I popped to the plot yesterday to set up a couple of corrugated cloche things to warm the soil up. The garlic shoots are popping through, and a few radish have germinated. Not much else has been happening on the plot. The other plotters on the site have put in the spuds, planted new fruit/currant/berry bushes, sown peas… I had some shallots and garlic left over from the plot session a fortnight back, and these have now extended my husband's herb patch in the garden! I started Lady Christl and Rocket in large pots in the greenhouse as well yesterday. Have sown lots of seeds in pots/modules. Roll on next month when the more delicate things can be started. Have I got room for my giant tree tomatoes that grow 10-18ft tall?