Organic Gardening Magazine

Managed to track down Organic Gardening Magazine (OG. I had subscribed but let the subscription run out. Found I was reading more avidly when it was a quest to buy the mag. However, it is even more difficult now as Grow Your Own has taken OG’s place on many newsagent shelves. I don’t like the format of GYO, much prefer OG. Have even stopped buying Kitchen Garden Magazine (had subscription to that as well).

Seeds are germinating. Still got room on windowsills as well for more seeds! Been a bit on the chilly side to go to the allotment and do some gardening. Crocuses are still flowering in the front garden, and the daffodils are coming up nicely. Think there may even be the odd daisy in flower in the so-called lawn.


More things sown

Have sown more things, with a little help! How do you tell a 4 year old to evenly space the peas and not have half dozen in clusters/clumps…?

Made paper pots for broad beans using the potmaker thing. They look good, and now (hopefully) one broad bean has been sown in each, we will see if they work nicely then.

Things have sprouted

I have a baby geranium that has just formed a proper leaf thing (albeit rather small). I had sown 3 Picasso geraniums (one of the world’s best from T&M) and only 1 seems to be viable. The other 2 sort of germinated but didn’t seem to form a root or stem.

A lot of tomatoes have germinated, but not all the varieties have made a show. I have some onions and leeks as well showing. They are a tad lanky, but I have put some foil up behind.

Herbs, I have parsley (remember there was something on GQT about them being hard to germinate) that has come up, as well as coriander and one type of basil.

Flowers, I have lobelia as well, two types. The seedlings look tiny.

Haven’t started anything outside (or even in the greenhouse) yet. Have been meaning to start some peas off in guttering, having timetabled the task for nearly a fortnight back. I was trying to be organised with a list of tasks in Microsoft Outlook of when to sow what. Oh well, maybe I will be able to get back on track.