My list of potatoes for this year

  • Adora
  • Belle de Fontenay
  • Catriona
  • Colleen
  • Duke of York
  • Dunbar Standard
  • Foremost
  • Harlequin
  • Kestrel
  • Lady Christl
  • Marfona
  • Orla
  • Premiere
  • Red Duke of York
  • Riviera
  • Rocket
  • Sarpo Axona
  • Sarpo Mira
  • Saxon
  • Sharpe’s Express
  • Smile
  • Stemster
  • Swift
  • Vales Emerald
  • Witchills
  • Yukon Gold


Went to Ryton yesterday for Potato Day. We set off at about 8.10am and after a little detour, got there about half past twelve. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining but the wind was icy icy cold. The tent with the spuds in was freezing. Gardenantics looked cold on his stand selling labels. His labels are certainly good value for money. I bought a packet of his D.I.Y. aluminium labels kit, money well spent. We are both members of Allotments4All messageboard but he hadn’t seen anyone else from the boards there. I had posted a message on the forum about potato day and loads of people were interested in going but changed their minds. What a pity. Potato wise, we bought 72 seed potatoes, 37 first earlies, 16 second earlies, 9 early maincrop, 8 late maincrop and 2 that were classified just as maincrop. Solanum, the supplier of potatoes to Waitrose, were there selling spuds for eating. They didn’t have any Salad Blue, which I tried from them last year. In the shop, bought some more seeds, mainlyherbs. Have failed to grow celeriac to any decent size, so will try one more time this year, then after that, will put the space to other use. Bought some mycorrhizal stuff & microbial soil conditioner as well as some herbal teas (not tried the hemp one yet). For the journey back, I bought the last smoothie which had wheatgrass in amongst other things. It was interesting, quite tasty, though my other half didn’t agree.

Thinking of starting

Well, after much planning last year with organising seeds into bags for each month, January is almost over and I haven’t even started sowing. I hadn’t even got compost (multi-purpose) until this afternoon. Went to a nice nurseries garden centre and bought compost, shallots, white onion sets and 6 seed spuds: 3 each of Rocket and Lady Christl for extra early potatoes to grow in containers. Next weekend is potato day, so can get more spuds then. Think we’ll probably go on Saturday.

Could get started!

The heritage seeds had arrived over Christmas. What am I going to do with a tomato tree?

Could start off the Ailsa Craig onions. Traditionally, onion things were started on Boxing Day (apparently, can’t remember where I read that). Might do so this weekend, or next week. Probably will leave other things till next month.