I can grow sprouts!

On Friday and yesterday, I harvested some lovely Brussel sprouts. Yesterday, I also harvested 2 solid pink celery (had heard on GQT about someone’s celery rotting, so thought I should dig it up). It was perfect, apart from the odd slug or three munching the stems. No piccies to show you, unfortunately.


First Frost for the autumn

Just had the first frost of the autumn – quite a heavy one and rather pretty all that white glistening in the sunshine.
Popped briefly down to the allotment to do the bird food. The plot was white. The weed fabric also turned white, and in one of the tub trugs full of water to weight it down, there was a centimetre of ice which I had fun breaking.
The sprouts look good. Might pick some at the weekend.
Talked to the farmer on the way back. At the top of the plot site, he leaves stable manure in a heap, and when it gets big, takes it to one of his fields. While it is there on site, we can have some for the allotments. He said they lost a filly last week to peritonitis. A number of the horses win at the shows.
Yesterday, decided to sow some broad beans in the garden. Looking back with hindsight, might have been a bit too cold, but anyway, got spare seeds. Only 9 were sown.
GarlicWorld have sold out of garlic, boo hoo. Last year, spent £22 on loads of garlic – different varieties which aren’t stocked with the major seed catalogues. Better put my name down for 2007 season! Still, I forgot to harvest the Leningrad, so when I discovered them at the weekend, and with green shoots, decided to relocate them (fingers crossed). Hope they will be ok.