Long time no post

Not really been in the mood for plotting. Hubby has shifted some horse-muck onto the plot and covered some of it. The clearing process has already begun. I went to the plot today for the first time in about a month. I think there will be sprouts, though there is still some white blister-affected leaves. I picked the nearly dry runner beans that the catalogue say can be used as “butter beans” as well as 2 pumpkins. One is heavier than the other, so I plonked it in the shed on the chair as I felt it was too heavy to carry home. Leeks look ok, but the celery, another one of the plants has bolted, and there is some leaf-miner damage. Don’t know when we will have a frost though, so leaving the parsnips (all 3? of them) to acquire flavour (doing the same with the sprouts).

Went to pumpkin day yesterday at Ryton. I let my membership expire but hoped to renew and change the membership from student to family there and then – also my husband would have been able to gift aid the subscription costs. Unfortunately the lad was unable to do this, but did admit us at membership rates – gift aided (I had a letter with me from HDRA regarding remittance). Guess I’d better sort a letter out to them this week – I also want to renew HSL membership. Didn’t really do a lot with pumpkins, but did go on a bug hunt. Cutworms were found, and stomped on by a young lad. There was a wasp spider hiding in one of the compost bins. A cross spider or two were hiding in the greenhouses out of the wind and rain of the weekend. Weather wise, we were very lucky – had rain to the gardens, and rain on the way home, but none there. Bought some OGC seeds as I have already stocked up on seeds from T&M and DT Brown. Also bought a potmaker – so can make pots out of newspaper – less washing up!! Still got some pots to wash, and a tray of root-trainers. Don’t need them until December when I can start the Ailsa Craig onions and possibly the World’s Top 6 geraniums.