Selection of harvest pics

Just a few pics of harvested stuff this year.

Rossa di Milano onions.


 Some nice yummy broccoli


Yummy gooseberries from the garden.


T&M catalogue disappointing

I haven’t been over-enthused like I was last year with the Thompson & Morgan catalogue. They have, of course, new varieties in, but that means that some of the other varieties get dropped. One such one is the green cauliflower, Panther F1 – which I grew this year and was impressed with (and lucky I still have some seeds left over). They have also dropped Bambino aubergines which I grew last year (heavy cropper) and replaced it with a mini conventional shaped aubergine for patio pots. One of the free offers (with any whatsit purchased) was one, (I think it is the same one) – the Annual Purple Sprouting Broccoli (for summer) I got last year from a garden centre with buying two packets of T&M seeds (wasn’t restricted to one or two pages in the catalogue) but I was not impressed with it. They are still doing a free packet of seeds of your choice up to the value of £7.99 with each order – for £7.99, you could get 5 cucumber seeds, or 20 geranium seeds, or 5 Gerbera (the African daisy, £5.49), 3 cycads for £4.99, or how about 5 large seeds of the upside down tree (Baobab) for £4.29. How about the number of seeds in a packet – will I need 500 cabbages or 75 tomato plants (assuming 100% germination and success)? No doubt that I will order some seeds from them.

T&M 2006 seed catalogue has arrived

Tis the start of catalogue browsing and today, T&M, the first for next season, dropped through the letterbox. Had a quick look through, and am about to make a cuppa so I can look in depth in a mo. Recycled tea (and wine from last night) will be used to fertilise the garden or activate the compost (in a dalek style bin in the garden). I really must try to get to the plot today as the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

Boo hoo, rain

Not been able to get to the plot this past week. I want to see if the remaining pumpkins are any bigger, plus whether I do have a crop of sweetcorn.

Got to the plot at last

Got to the plot yesterday evening. The dahlias growing on the next plot down had been blown across the path at least a fortnight ago, and they still hadn’t been moved out of the way. I decided that enough was enough, as it was obscuring access along the path for at least a metre. I moved them to a sort of upright position so now I can get along the path to the shed.

The sweetcorn look a little better than I remember from my previous quick visit, though I am not getting my hopes up of a good crop. The brussels are a mixed bag – some look almost perfect while others look a bit eaten. Have been removing the lower leaves of the sprouts – at one end of the plot, there is a touch of white blister. I harvested a couple of small pointy cabbages – the last of them. Some of the onions were picked – they will be used within the week. The red, rossa di milano looks like a washington red delicious in shape, the bottom narrow and the top wide (but flat). A couple of leeks were dug up – they had a touch of rust, so thought it was best to harvest them. I don’t think that disease is serious, but still, the leeks were a nice size (not large though). Harvested one tatsoi – went into a stir fry today, yum. Another tatsoi plant had bolted. Runners looked good, so harvested a few more but will leave the rest for “butter beans”. Potatoes are such a disappointment- wireworm.

In the garden, pulled up the mini romanesco type broccoli/cauliflower plants – the leaves were holey from caterpillars, and the odd small snail had already started to feast on the curds. Managed to clean them of molluscs and stir fry them with the tatsoi, and some homegrown garlic, the allotment top heavy onion, and a red hot rocoto pepper thing. Rather yummy to have your own produce in a meal – the groundnut oil, ginger, meat and rice were not home-produced!.

Time for a cuppa.

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