Peas in guttering

Took the Avola peas that were sown in the guttering to the allotment and transplanted them – was surprised how easy it was to slide them off into the mini trench.



Yay, I have asparagus shoots showing – although a couple look slug eaten/frost damaged, but I was really worried that they had not survived the winter – next month, here is to lovely steamed asparagus with butter.

Took two lots of broad beans to the plot for transplanting. The one plant of The Sutton is completely yellow without any sign of green pigmentation. The other variety transplanted is Masterpiece Green Longpod.

Also planted out half a dozen celeriac which was sown early February.


Finally, my strawberry plants from T&M have arrived. A friend on one of the messageboards rang them up to see what had happened to her strawberries – they couldn’t find her order. She received them about 2 weeks ago. The order of seeds from T&M were promptly received, but as for the strawberries – the delivery info in the catalogue said delivery from late February. The website, come Feb, said March… Now I had better find somewhere to put them!!

Empty packet

Decided to sow more celeriac – now the packet is empty! Didn’t do much gardenwise because there was a birthday party I had to take my son to.


Down the plot again, emptying the kitchen scraps bin into other compost heap. Had a cuppa with the other allotmenteers there. Did a small amount of weeding in the cloches – think some of the carrots have germinated, but they look like one of the weeds with the white-pinkish/purple flowers that creep/climb (dunno name, maybe I will look it up). The Optica beans sown don’t look like they have germinated – they were sown a day after The Sutton & Masterpiece, so think that something went wrong. So sowed the rest of the packet in the same place.

Harvested the leeks that were planted from garden centre seedlings – the kitchen gardeners ? ones. They weren’t very big, but think that might have been my fault for not having a bigger (well wider) dibber (was using the handle end from Wolf). They were however, rather tasty.


Transplanted into bigger pots, the Gardener’s delight tomatoes, and the Bendigo sweet peppers.

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