Popped down the plot again – the Petit Provencal and Meteor peas sown on the 19th had started to germinate.
Had another clearing c**p session. There was a wire bin basket of the type found in parks, which was covered in ivy! Well, another few bin bags filled, but no trailer or anything to take them down the tip. Might have to speak nicely to another plot holder to see if he would take it to the tip in his trailer, or ask one of hubby’s many cousins…

Things have started to germinate in the greenhouse – alyssum, asparagus lettuce, summer sprouting broccoli, and Prince of Prussia HSL peas.



Another session down the plot. Mainly clearing up the large amounts of rubbish and c**p left by the previous tenant (this is our 3rd season here!). Lots and lots of pots, polystyrene modules, bins hidden away, electrical wire on a wooden reel,…. This tidy up session was brought on by needing somewhere to store an oversized wheelie bin which has had holes drilled in and was used by a neighbour on the plot as a compost bin. He no longer wanted it as he had given up his plot.
After that mini clearing session, I treated myself to some pea and broad bean sowings – Avola & Desiree (purple mangetout) peas, Giant Exhibition Longpod & Optica broad beans.

Potatoes planted

In the garden, finally decided to plant out the remaining Lady Christl and Rocket (had bought 3 of the varieties at HDRA Potato Day).

Greenhouse day

Had a greenhouse day. Sowed in modules the HSL peas – Prince of Prussia and Jeyes. In a piece of guttering, sowed Avola peas. In little seed trays, sowed loads of leeks – Natan, Blauwgroene Herfst Ardea (what a long name!), Armor, Bleu de Solaise and Hannibal, along with Pacifica calabrese, summer purple sprouting broccoli, Asparagus Lettuce, Falstaff brussels, Solid Pink celery, alyssum flowers, and some replacement okra as the last lot all keeled over. Transplanted into modules for hardening off, some Cosmos flowers and Kelsae huge onions.
Planted the comfrey that was brought back from the plot = started to yellow, but that wasn’t surprising as they were kept in the shed in a bag for a fortnight or so.


The 6 Bendigo Pepper seeds finally germinated – was worried that they would never germinate and £2.50 would have gone down the drain for 6 seeds! The tomatoes sown earlier this month also germinated, as did the asters, and the 2 brassicas. Still no sign of the broad beans. Down on the plot, Detroit 2 Bolivar beetroot was sown with Cubic carrots (a neighbour used to sow them together along with onions on a ridge and said he didn’t suffer from carrot root fly. He has now given up the plot). More flowers were sown – poached egg, candytuft and moonwalker sunflowers. The comfrey that was relocated had recovered.

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