Corrugated sheets

Went to the allotment today to fit the corrugated clear sheets to form a cloche. I had wire down the plot, but didn’t have anything suitable to cut it, so ended up using string and canes to anchor it down. My son tried to help, so gave him his little spade so he could dig!
Found a packet of Pilot peas down the plot, so we sowed a small row but it is unlabelled!!!
Last year, my mother bought some weed control fabric, so finally decided to use it. My son decided it was great fun to shovel soil to the middle of the fabric (and not round the edges as I tried to do to anchor it against winds). A second sheet was put down but anchored with stones and water/weed filled tubtrugs.



Grrr, it is cold and I hopped outside to check the temperature in the greenhouse – it went down to 4 degrees C last night. The rocoto chilli I grew last year was put in the greenhouse to overwinter – in the catalogue, they said it was perennial, so I decided to keep it in there to see what would happen. I trimmed off any bits that looked unhealthy, but left the majority of the stem. The leaves have started to grow out of the green stem at the bottom, and more leaf buds have formed further up. 2 chillis that were bought at one of the shows from Robinson’s, I cut the stem right down, and kept them in the greenhouse – however, I am not very optimistic now for growth after seeing where the rocoto regenerates.

What’s happening to the seeds?

Decided to investigate what was happening in the seed trays. More things had germinated – okra, tondo courgettes, basils lemon & minette, tomato Zuckertraube (should there be an umlaut?), flowers – cosmos with coreopsis just starting to wake up, cauliflower and the other sprouts – Darkmar, as well as some Lao Lavender aubergines. There was still space on the windowsill, so more things got sown in trays – a french marigold, some nasturtiums, sunflowers, sweet peppers and a cabbage Cuor di Bue.
Went to a garden centre and bought some tagetes seed and a summer cabbage – golden something (why? oh why did I buy even more seeds?). Other half picked us up and drove to B&Q – I wanted to get something to make a cloche – got some corrugated clear plastic sheets which can bend to form a tunnel thingy. Got wire in the shed, so should be able to make something to keep the sheet curved and in place. Will have to sort something out for the ends of it though. Whether we plant anything underneath – carrots would be a candidate, as would peas and broad beans, or use it just to warm the soil up is another question.

Bird watching

Went again to the plot, but didn’t do any work at all – just got the directors chair out of the shed, sat down and watched the birdies with a cuppa in hand. This time, I saw a chaffinch, as well as the usual suspects – the blue tits, blackbirds, the dunnock returned briefly, sparrows, starlings, a robin kept its distance.
For dinner, had the leeks and beetroot with the roast, delish.

Beautiful day

What a beautiful day, but it was freezing. I went down to the plot – the other half has done a fantastic job of digging by going there after work for an hour or so this week, though he forgot to refill the birdfeeders yesterday. There was only a small amount of peanuts left but there was a blue tit feeding off them. I refilled the feeders, then put the kettle on. When I looked out of the window, the birdfeeders were covered with birds – we have at least a dozen blue tits. I could have watched them all day! I dug up a few leeks, and the Chioggia beetroot from last season, then settled back in the shed to look out of the window at the birdies. There were a number of blackbirds on the site. Underneath the feeders was a little sparrow-like bird. After investiagion in a birdie book, concluded that it was a hedge accentor (aka dunnock). I tried to get a picture of it, but it moved, then when I tried again, it had gone.

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