Almost forgot about the garlic that I bought from garlicworld – lots of different varieties and perhaps went a bit mad. Anyway, started work in the back garden, weeding and tidying the so-called greenhouse up. Washed a few pots as well. Cleared a space in one of the beds for most of the garlic.


Potato Day

Went to Ryton for the HDRA’s Potato Day and was very restrained buying seed potatoes as we did go overboard last year (and if we had bought the same number as last year, would be having rotational problems).

First Day

This was the first day of the year that I managed to get down to the allotment. And what a mess it was. The weeds had started to grow, the kale (Nero di Toscana) had started to bolt, the turnips, swedes, spinach, swiss chard and brussels were slug eaten. Consequently, didn’t have a harvest of brussels which blew slightly (perhaps I should have staked them). The wind had affected some of the swiss chard leaves, as well as blowing off the top of a compost bin (found the lid). Filled up the bird feeders and within a few minutes, there were birds having a mid morning snack. Leeks looked ok, as did the overwintering onion/garlic/shallot patch. The Carentan 2 leeks that bolted last year have some strange whatsits on them – are they bulbils. The beetroot (chioggia) seemed not to be slug eaten though. As time was short, I only did a teeny weeny bit of weeding before I had to pick my son up from nursery.
At home, both onions have started to germinate.

Started sowing

Decided to sow the onions, The Kelsae and Rossa di Milano in seed trays to keep on the windowsill, as well as Lao Lavender & Black Beauty aubergines, and chillis from saved seed with the help of my 3-year old son.